Local Nonprofits' Work Reaches Around the World

A sampling of Sarasota nonprofits that reach around the world.

By Megan McDonald September 2, 2013





ShelterBox USA Volunteer teams deliver emergency

tented shelter and supplies to people

made homeless by disasters.

$1,723,000 Has provided shelter,

warmth and dignity

for more than a million

people in over 80

countries since 2000.

To help 50,000 families

affected by disaster

each year.

Agape Flights Serves missionary families by

providing continuous and critical

supplies and disaster relief.

$1.3 million Caribbean airports served

in Haiti, the Dominican

Republic and Eleuthera

have increased to six;

number of missionary

families served now

numbers more than 300.

To expand mission

flight service to other

nations of the


Global Outreach Introducing computer literacy

into secondary schools in

central Tanzania.

$30,000 Global is providing

computer learning for

more than 1,000 students

per year.

To change the face

of post-primary

education and more

toward bridging the

digital divide.

Sea to Share


Caribbean manatee conservation. $142,600 Implemented speed zones

and no-wake signage

in waters off Belize City;

decreased poaching

incidents in Belize to

nearly zero.

To inspire policy and behavioral changes

toward manatees and their habitats in

Cuba and Belize.

Perlman Music

Program Suncoast

PMP Sarasota Winter Residency

provides one-of-a-kind professional

development for approximately 35

gifted musicians from around the

world, ages 12-20+.

$182,630 13,000 members of general

public attend approximately

20 free events featuring

these international

musicians yearly.

To continue to train the next generation

of concert artists and

develop and inspire future audiences.

Unidos Now "Know Your Rights & Citizenship

Education" Program educates

attendess on rights, including changes

in immigration policies and the


$40,000 Volunteers have conducted

two seminars per month

in four-county area,

benefiting more than

1,000 families.

Over a decade, hopes to see 30,000

new naturalization processes of citizens

in Southwest Florida.

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