Guide to Giving 2013-2014

Sarasota Magazine's 2013-2014 Guide to Giving.

By Megan McDonald September 3, 2013

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Seven for the Season

Our fashion blogger, Heather Dunhill, selects must-have pieces for the parties on your calendar.

Forever Ours

Photographer Clyde Butcher focuses on wild Florida land saved by the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast.

The Next Generation

Meet some young Sarasotans whose generosity inspires us.

The Loneliest Lemur on Earth

Award-winning writer Adam Davies spends the night at Myakka City's Lemur Reserve, where he makes friends with a rare and endangered breed.

Off These Mean Streets

Human trafficking is exploding around our state, including here at home. A new local nonprofit helps the victims get back on track. By Philippe Diederich

The Giving Register

Our comprehensive listing of local nonprofits, compiled by Hannah Wallace with the aid of the Giving Partner.

Volunteer of the Year

Senior Friendship Center's Harriet Pallotto finds serving other is "revitalizing."


From the Editor

The gift of selfBy Pam Daniel


News and newsmakers on the region's giving scene.

Freeze Frame

A look inside the Cat Depot, where pets find more than shelter. By Megan McDonald

Mr. Chatterbox

Before he can give, Mr. C would like to get--an inheritance, that is.


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