All over the world, people fantasize about a Florida road trip. An endless coastline to meander along, sunshine glinting off your shades and a balmy breeze ruffling your hair (yes, convertibles are the No. 1 choice of most visitors), and all sorts of intriguing places to explore, from natural wonders like springs and caverns to the unnatural pleasures of theme parks and cities with an international vibe. But we don’t have to dream about those road trips—here in Sarasota, we’re just a tank of gas away from adventures of every sort. Fill ’er up and follow our road map to 24 terrific trips.

In This Feature:

Miami is an Art Lover's Dream Destination

In Miami, fun is raised to the level of art.

03/01/2016 By Scott Vogel

Disney's Wild Africa Trek is Fun for the Whole Family

Behind-the-scenes experiences create indelible family memories at The Happiest Place on Earth.

03/01/2016 By Ilene Denton

Romance Rules at Cumberland Island's Greyfield Inn

Once a Carnegie family retreat, the Greyfield Inn is now one of the most romantic inns in the country.

03/01/2016 By Megan McDonald

You'll Find Wallet-Friendly Fun in Weeki Wachee

Florida's identity as an oddball mecca goes way, way back.

03/01/2016 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Experience Primal Nature in the Everglades

Here's how to really experience the unique beauty--and lifestyle--of the Everglades.

03/01/2016 By Pam Daniel

Key West Offers Visitors a Unique Spirit and Fabulous Decadence

To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, "Key West is where the weird go pro."

03/01/2016 By Scott Vogel

Listen to the Music Mentioned in Our 24 Great Florida Road Trips Feature

The perfect Florida playlist for your listening pleasure.