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Electric Bike Maker Opens New Store in Downtown Sarasota

Krooz's new shop carries the company's five high-end e-bike models.

By Marc Griffin September 29, 2021

Krooz bikes.

Electric bikes are all the rage these days. Hoping to capitalize on the trend, the Sarasota-based e-bike company Krooz recently opened a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Sarasota in its journey to expand its brand.

Inspired by the intricate bike designs of northern Europe, the company makes energy-efficient e-bikes with high-end capabilities and technology.

A Krooz bike.

Krooz's line includes five models: the Kroozer, the standard for people who want a laid-back riding experience; the Viking, a mountain bike equipped with fat tires allowing for all-terrain use; the Dane, a foldable compact e-bike that can easily fit in the trunk of a car or plane; the Raider, a standard street bike built for casual use; and the Trike, a three-wheeler equipped with a basket on the back for your beach bum days. Prices range from $2,195 to $2,895. The bikes can travel between 25 and 55 miles between charges.

A Krooz bike.

Each Krooz bike can be outfitted with different motor sizes (such as 500 watts or 750 watts), fat tire options for all-terrain use (except the Kroozer and the Raider) and pedal-assist allowing for uphill travel, and can zoom upwards of 27 miles per hour. Considering the quality of the bikes and specs, the crew often refers to their bikes as the “Mercedes of e-bikes.”

Krooz cofounder Jason Cross says the company's personal, hands-on approach with customers sets it apart from competitors.

“Half of these customers have my cell number," says Cross. "That’s just how we, Krooz, function as a brand, as a company. So whatever issues our customers may have, I try to see to it personally to assure them and their bike are always running at peak performance.”

The new Krooz Electric Bikes store is located at 1451 Main St., Sarasota. For more info, visit the company's website.

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