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Our Favorite Sarasota Summer Pastimes

June 20 is the summer solstice—the longest day of the year. Here's how our editors plan on spending their extra time in the sun this summer.

By The Editors June 17, 2021

Gorge on Mangoes

"Summer favorite? That’s easy. Mangoes. My husband and I have five varieties of mango trees in the back yard, and I’ve been obsessively monitoring the fruit for months. Now that summer has arrived, they’re just about ready to pick. We’ll gorge on mangoes from now through August and do our best to beat the squirrels to our crop. (And, yes, you can eat mangoes that squirrels have nibbled on). We toss mangoes into salads, mix them with yogurt and add them as a side to grilled fish and chicken. If we have a surplus and I’m really ambitious, I’ll make mango chutney. But frozen mango daiquiris only require lime, rum, ice and a blender—the perfect icy summertime beverage." —Susan Burns, editor-in-chief

Head to the Movie Theater

“Now that we’re really settling into movie theaters being back open, lots of filmgoing will probably be on my summer schedule. I kicked things off this past week with a viewing of In the Heights, the onscreen version of the Lin Manuel-Miranda musical about a New York barrio, a bodega owner and how long-held dreams can change but still be fulfilled. So much music and dancing! The movies are back.” —Kay Kipling, executive editor

Find a Pool to Play In

"My family doesn't own a pool, and we don't live in a neighborhood with a community pool, which means that, come summertime, we engage in a desperate quest to hang out with family and friends who are blessed with swimming options. I don't understand the psychology of it, but being in and around a cool, rippling body of water just seems to make groups of people happy—whether you're playing intense games of beach ball keep-away with the kids, or just leaning on the side, talking about dumb movies with a buddy and sipping a cold beverage. At the end of the day, you're sleepy and sun-drunk, scented with chlorine and sunscreen. You've made it through another Florida summer day. You'll live to party again." —Cooper Levey-Baker, senior editor/food editor

Linger at the Beach

"Is there anything more perfectly summer than spending a day at the beach? On these long days, when the sun doesn't set until 8:30 and pink light lingers over the Gulf, there's nothing better than digging your toes into the sand, cracking open a cold drink, and alternating dips in the turquoise water with reading a good book on your towel. I'm guilty of taking it for granted, but every time I go to the beach, I feel restored." —Megan McDonald, digital editor

Explore Your Garden

"The summer heat and humidity usher in a thriving network of bugs who love living under my terracotta pots and rocks. Combine your courage with your child's curiosity and see what you can find when you lift one up. We've found garden centipedes, beetles and worms. It's a whole other world under there.

"The weather also blows my curls into a 360-degree halo, and all I want to do is turn down the hair volume. Getting a fresh cut to tame them is a fun way to kick off summer and feel the breeze on my neck at sunset." —Kim Doleatto, associate editor

Kayak Sarasota's Waterways

"During the long, lazy days of summer, I love to kayak on the still waters at Robinson Preserve or the Ringling Causeway. My family and I will go out early in the morning, just after sunrise, or while the sun is setting late in the evening. The water is still and quiet—it's the perfect time and place to paddle out, get exercise or just relax on a weekend." —Allison Forsyth, editorial intern

Have a Picnic

"Nothing says summer like a good picnic, finger food all spread out on a big blanket. Late summer sunsets are perfect for picnics: sitting on the grass, watching the sun slowly set, enjoying the outdoors. What's not to like? Finish it with some fresh fruit and you’ve got a delightful summer night." —Emma Lichtenstein, editorial intern

Take a Bike Ride

"A perfect summer activity is bike riding. It can be leisurely, while also burning calories. We live in a place perfectly suited for the beach cruiser, which can be taken up and down the sidewalks and streets, with scenic beach and neighborhood views. I love taking my bike to new local parks I haven't visited or streets I've never been down. Bikes can make a small neighborhood or town feel bigger and brand new. They open a path of discovery and offer an active way to appreciate the beauty of Sarasota in the summer." —Emma Moneuse, editorial intern

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