Spinning Plates

A New Commission at Sarasota Art Museum Explores Our Shared Aesthetics

Molly Hatch's installation, "Amalgam," consists of more than 480 hand-printed earthenware plates.

05/29/2024 By Staff

Frosty Fun

Five Unconventional Ways to Beat the Extreme Sarasota Summer Heat

Looking for air-conditioned adventure? We've got five indoor activities we think you'll love.

07/17/2023 By Caleb Guedes-Reed

From Punk to Pottery

Artist Osa Atoe Brings Her Pottery to Sarasota

Atoe has had a long and winding creative journey.

10/13/2022 By Bethany Ritz

Art Appreciation

Four Black Sarasota Artists You Need to Know

These men are constantly creating new work—and challenging existing ideas about inclusion in the art world.

08/18/2021 By Heather Dunhill

Creative Spirits

Ki Woon Huh Is a Nature-Inspired Master Potter

“Florida is good for my art,” says Huh. “I find nature and make it into my style. Sometimes humorous. Always beautiful.”

10/31/2020 By Dan Harris

Bowled Over

We Tried It: ACE Sarasota's Ceramics Class

Megan McDonald struggles at the potter's wheel.

12/30/2016 By Megan McDonald

Cultural Kiddos

How to Raise Kids Who Love the Arts

Cultivating a passion for arts and culture is easy in our region.

10/27/2016 By Abby Weingarten

Family Fun Guide

Things to Do With Kids: Make & Create

Channel your inner Picasso with these fun, creative experiences for little ones.

05/02/2016 By Ilene Denton


Design Find: The Rustic Mediterranean Table

Vietri's new Arabesca dinnerware is picture perfect.

01/31/2014 By Carol Tisch