Only in Sarasota

Only in Sarasota: Burns Court, Downtown Sarasota

John Pirman illustrates downtown's charming Burns Court neighborhood.

12/13/2016 Illustrations by John Pirman


Dredging Altered the Landscape of Sarasota in Early 20th Century

The dredge, in years past, was a major instrument of change in Sarasota.

04/22/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Czecho-Slovakian Band Played Significant Role

John Ringling himself hired the band.

03/13/2015 By Larry Kelleher


As Sarasota Grew, So Did St. Martha Catholic Church

St. Martha Catholic Church began as one of a number of mission outposts served by Jesuit priests from Tampa.

07/11/2014 By Larry Kelleher


Vintage Sarasota: El Vernona Hotel

This week: El Vernona Hotel, circa 1925.

05/22/2013 By Chelsey Lucas