The Reporters and Politicians With President Bush on 9/11 in Sarasota Look Back on That Morning

"I never talked to him about how he felt reading to the kids that day," the president's brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, recalls. "I’ll ask him at the 20th anniversary.”

09/09/2021 By Allison Forsyth


The Sarasota Teacher Who Was With President Bush on 9/11 Recalls the Minutes After

Not only did America change, but so did the lives of the students and adults at Emma E. Booker Elementary School.

09/09/2021 By Allison Forsyth


Who Says Nothing Happens in Sarasota in September?

Reports of September's slowness have been greatly exaggerated.


Sunshine Memories

Sarasota's Famous Faces

It seems like the whole world shows up sooner or later.



The President in Sarasota: September 11, 2001

Bob Plunket recounts his time with President George W. Bush in the hours leading up to the events of September 11, 2001.

09/07/2016 By Robert Plunket


Former President George W. Bush Opens 2014 Ringling Town Hall Lecture Series

Bush spoke to two sold-out and enthusiastic crowds.

01/15/2014 By staff