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Best Kratom Teas: 3 Kratom Products for Invigoration and Relaxation

Kratom, a natural supplement from Southeast Asia, comes in many forms for people to enjoy.

Presented by Originated Media February 27, 2024

Kratom, a natural supplement from Southeast Asia, comes in many forms for people to enjoy. The effects of crushed leaf kratom can help boost people’s moods and energy and even bring some mild pain relief. 

Like CBD, medicinal mushrooms, and other plant-based remedies, kratom offers a positive experience for both body and mind, making it an effective antidote for modern stress. Different kratom strains are thought to produce variations in the experience, with green kratom being the most popular, followed by white, yellow, and red. 

How Is Kratom Tea Prepared?

Perhaps the most satisfying way to take a kratom supplement is to brew kratom tea. There’s no special equipment or knowledge required; simply pour hot water over kratom powder, add anything you’d like (lemon, honey, etc), and the ritual is complete.

The best kratom tea comes from the best kratom, so we set out to find premium kratom products that go into making kratom tea that you’ll enjoy. Here are our top choices based on quality, taste, and value so that you can start your very own kratom tea ritual. Let’s begin the ceremony!

Best Kratom Tea: Kratom Products That Make The Best Tea Mixture

  1. Best Overall Kratom Tea Powder: Kat’s Botanicals Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  2. Best Pre-Measured Kratom Tea Bags: Super Speciosa Green Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags
  3. Best Kratom Tea Coffee Replacement: Kingdom Kratom Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is the common name for a tree called Mitragyna speciosa, native to Southeast Asia and used medicinally for centuries by indigenous peoples. Locals have been known to chew on the leaves for energy and to inspire motivation for a long day’s work. 

Kratom leaves have also historically been used to treat various illnesses, including diarrhea and respiratory problems. 

Today, kratom leaves are ground up into powdered form and sold as supplements. Most people seek out kratom for energy and focus, often as an alternative to caffeine. 

Kratom’s veiny leaves contain alkaloids that have various effects on the mind and body. These include pain relief, energy boost, and an overall feeling of well-being. Some kratom fans take kratom powder and create kratom tea, which is simply kratom powder dissolved in hot water and flavored with whatever you like your tea to taste. 

Kratom’s results are dose-dependent: In lower doses, users receive a more stimulant-like experience. Higher doses are more associated with euphoria, sedation, and pain relief. 

Best Kratom Tea

1 . Best Overall Kratom Tea Powder: Kat’s Botanicals Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Why we love them

Kat’s Botanicals Green Maeng Da strain balances energy and tranquility. There’s not too much of a zing here, as you’d find from white kratom powders, but rather a subtle energetic boost that feels organic—slightly energized and stress-free. Whether you stress a little or too much, caffeinated substances like coffee and energy drinks can worsen the problem. These can be dehydrating and leave us feeling empty and totally unnourished. 

Kratom tea can help with finding energy during the day. It can also help with opioid withdrawal symptoms and enjoy other potential health benefits. Many users point out that this green Maeng Da kratom powder delivers these benefits. 

There’s only 20% white vein kratom in the blend, creating a balance between green kratom’s properties of positivity and well-being and the energy boosts you get from white kratom. You can put it in boiling water to make kratom tea, but you can also steep the powder a reusable tea bag if you prefer. 

In this case, the energy is more gradual than jolting. This makes Kat’s Botanicals a solid choice for beginners who might be intimidated about feeling kratom’s effects. Judging from over 1,000 5-star reviews, it looks like even kratom connoisseurs are impressed with these uncommonly balanced effects. This experience is what kratom should feel like, which is why it’s #1 on our list. Kratom tea dosage can be tweaked based on your experience, but we recommend starting small. 

To use, pour over 1 teaspoon of green maeng da powder into hot water. Stir. Enjoy.


  • Mellow and productive effects 
  • Hundreds of positive user reviews 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Third-party lab-tested 


  • No pre-filled tea bags 

Strain: Green Maeng Da

Size: 35, 250, or 500 grams per container 

Serving Size: 2.4g (about 1 teaspoon) taken 1-2x daily

Learn more about Kat’s Botanicals Green Maeng Da Powder today

2. Best Pre-Measured Kratom Tea Bags: Super Speciosa Green Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags

Why we love them:

We chose this green Maeng Da strain for our list because of its balanced effects: not too energized, not too chill. Super Speciosa’s runner-up kratom tea bags are delights in a box with all the benefits you’d expect from super-high-quality kratom.

We love that Super Speciosa makes the kratom tea ritual even better. The beautiful boxes filled with pre-filled kratom tea bags are a convenient addition. No scooping or measuring is required. Drop your bag in and add some hot water, perhaps a little lemon, and you’re ready. When brewing kratom tea, the sky is the limit when it comes to flavor.

Kratom veterans will notice the distinctly smoother, lighter flavor than you get with most kratom teas, which is interesting because the dosage is a bit higher per serving at 4 grams.

As far as effects, expect an uplifting feeling with a heightened sense of focus and tenacity. Note that Super Speciosa’s kratom tea will have a more energetic burst than our #1 choice. So if you’re after flavor and energy, this is your jam. 

Final FYI –  military, veterans, and people with disabilities get a permanent discount with Super Speciosa, so be sure to email the brand if you qualify before ordering your kratom tea. 


  • Lighter flavor kratom tea
  • Convenient prepared tea bags
  • American Kratom Association Certified GMP vendor 
  • Special discount program


  • May be pricier than other kratom powder 

Strain: Green Maeng Da

Size: 15 tea bags

Serving Size: 4g per tea bag

Learn more about Super Speciosa Green Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags today

3. Best Kratom Tea Coffee Replacement: Kingdom Kratom Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Why we love them:

The green maeng da kratom strain sweeps our list with this treat from Kingdom Kratom. This potent, energetic kratom powder makes for the most convincing coffee replacement.

The morning coffee ritual is a beloved one, so we dig into how you can effectively place it with a new one that’s just as (if not more) with this kratom tea. Simply boil some water and pour over 1 to 5 grams of Kingdom Kratom’s green maeng da powder. Stir, adding lemon, Stevia, honey, etc, to your heart’s content. Kratom tea made from crushed kratom leaf offers an energy boost and contains pain-relieving properties and inflammation relief. 

Expect the energy you need from a morning coffee but with a more calming undertone. In fact, many of the 5-star reviews we read were from people who make this kratom tea for its tranquil effects, not necessarily the energy boost. 

Kingdom Kratom is a great source of quality kratom in general, with a great rewards program. We also appreciate how the brand invests in educating its customers. They have a wealth of information to help guide explorers on their kratom journey with solid insights. 

It’s important to note that variations in the flavor and texture of this kratom powder are commonly reported by users. Kratom product variations like this are not indicative of fluctuating quality but are usually more related to natural factors at the cultivation level. 


  • Potent energy boost
  • Bulk purchasing available
  • Mood lifting properties 
  • Lab-tested for quality 


  • Texture & flavor variations reported 

Strain: Green Maeng Da

Size: 25g to 1kg per package 

Serving Size: 1-5 grams taken 1-3x daily

Learn more about Kingdom Kratom Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder today

How We Picked the Best Kratom Tea

To select the best kratom teas of the year, we came up with a scoring system that landed us on the three finalists you see on this list. Kratom tea is a time-honored tradition in southeast Asia, so it is about time it came here to stay in the States. Here’s how we picked the best among all the kratom powder products on the market:


Kratom Tea Sourcing Transparency

Kratom tea should be made from the best, highest-quality ingredients. When you’re dealing with any whole-food supplement, it’s a good idea to figure out where it comes from and how it’s grown. 

All commercial kratom is imported, so if the kratom company does not disclose its sourcing details, it could essentially come from anywhere. Kratom leaves are cultivated from the kratom tree in Southeast Asia. They can be organic and USDA certified, grown in the states, or they can be grown in Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Legit kratom brands will be 100% honest about where their kratom comes from. We required that brands of the kratom teas in question provide the geographic location of their sourcing, as well as a basic explanation of how the kratom is cultivated, i.e., small family farm, sans pesticides, etc. The more you know, the better.  

Kratom Tea Effects

The whole reason people want to take kratom in the first place is because they want to experience the effects they’ve been hearing about. So obviously, we had to make sure each kratom tea delivered quality on this front. When it comes to dosage, don’t just pour boiling water on a handful of powder. Scoop out a measured dose, so that later you can adjust it as you like. 

A good kratom tea will offer a healthy boost of energy without a frantic or jittery feeling. There may also be a sense of mental calm or optimism. Some refer to this as a sensation of ‘good vibes.’ 

To make sure we found the kratom teas with the best effects, we tried them ourselves! But since personal experience is naturally subjective, we also referred to verified user reviews of each kratom tea in question. We looked for positive experiences and also any red flags that might deter us from recommending them to our readers.

Kratom Tea Taste

Veteran kratom users usually enjoy its earthy, rich taste. If you really don’t like the taste of kratom tea, you’re better off with a kratom capsule that you can toss back quickly.

But since we’re interested in the top kratom tea, taste is a big factor. 

We tagged the best kratom powder tea for rich flavor profiles, without any ‘weird’ taste from possible additives or chemicals in the packaging. You can also dissolve natural or artificial ingredients in your kratom tea to flavor it as you like. 

Kratom Tea Independent Lab Tests

It’s incredibly important that before you ingest any kratom tea, you first make sure that the manufacturer has conducted third-party lab tests for contaminants.

Remember, the FDA currently considers kratom a ‘dietary ingredient,’ so it’s not approved as an official supplement or even as an ingredient in the food. This means that government regulations are practically non-existent for kratom manufacturers.

Because of the lack of government oversight, consumers must take their safety into their own hands. A surefire way to ensure your safety with kratom is to buy from brands that perform regular, independent lab tests on all their products. Typically, you can find kratom tea lab results on the same page you can find the product. 

These results should be readily available on the kratom brand’s website or upon request. Tests should always include contaminant panels for toxins like pesticides and heavy metals. 

We only chose kratom brands for our list that are at the top of their testing game. This means they enlist third-party labs to test every single kratom product for a wide range of contaminants. 

How to Find the Best Kratom Tea for You

Scouring the internet for kratom tea? Here’s what to keep in mind:

Pick Your Strain Of Kratom Tea

Different kratom teas may produce different effects, depending on the kratom strain. Which strain you choose will depend on how you want to feel. 

Remember that white kratom tea offers the most energy, like coffee without the crash. Green is more middle of the road and known as a mood booster. And red kratom tea is the most mellow of the three. 

You can also experiment with blends. For example, the famous green maeng da kratom strain on our list of kratom teas is a blend of green and white. This makes it mostly mood-boosting but with a kick of energy. Maeng da kratom is very popular and easy to find. 


How Do You Want To Take Your Kratom Tea? 


The most common way to take kratom tea is by buying kratom powder and then adding hot water to the appropriate serving size. Making kratom tea is a simple process, maybe even more simple than making regular tea. 

But if you want more convenience, you can go with a product like #2 on our list that comes with pre-measured kratom tea bags. No measuring or scooping is required. 

Find A Legit Brand

Now, all you have to do is make sure you’re buying from a legit kratom brand. As explained in the section above, quality kratom manufacturers will always disclose their sourcing. Kraken Kratom tea bags or Kats Botanicals products will have everything tested and sourced correctly. 

Top brands also conduct regular, independent lab testing on all their kratom before it hits the shelves. 

If you’re unsure, reach out to the company with questions. In our experience, legit kratom brands will respond quickly and kindly. 

Types of Kratom Strains 

There are various types of kratom strains that each have a unique alkaloid profile. Most often, different strains correspond to the different colors of the ‘veins’ of each type of kratom plant. Some kratom strains will come from a single harvest, while other kratom products will contain combinations from different sources. 

The following represent the main variations of kratom and their purported effects:

  • Green kratom - Known for its mood-boosting, energizing effects, green kratom can be taken in the morning or afternoon for a tranquil feeling of focus. 
  • White kratom - For that pep in your step that rivals coffee, white kratom is the source of a big energy boost and productivity that lasts all day.
  • Red kratom - Red kratom is more associated with tranquility, usually taken later in the day to help wind down the body and mind. 
  • Yellow kratom - Unlike green, white, and red kratom, ‘yellow’ does not refer to the color of the veins in the actual kratom leaves themselves. Instead, yellow kratom is a mixture of red and green kratom, which can give it a goldish color. Yellow kratom therefore gives a pleasant blend of energy boost along with calm, and it’s growing in popularity among regular kratom users. 

Interesting tidbit: While the above categories represent the common experiences of kratom users, there’s limited scientific evidence that different kratom strains indeed produce different results. 

In fact, this recent study found that different effects did not coincide with differences in the kratom alkaloid profiles themselves. 

Instead, the researchers suggest that different user experiences may be caused by marketing suggestions or even the placebo effect. 

Most high-quality kratom, regardless of the strain type, delivers relatively the same result: focus, energy, and peace of mind. 

Other Types of Kratom Products

Besides kratom tea, you can enjoy your kratom in the following forms:

  • Kratom capsules - Lump these in with your daily supplements and take with a glass of water for the ultimate convenience. 
  • Kratom gummies - Kratom gummies will mask the taste of kratom with natural and/or artificial flavors in a bite-sized treat.
  • Kratom powder - The most versatile kratom product, kratom powder can be used to make kratom tea. You can also mix kratom powder into smoothies and other recipes. Many diehards take their kratom by simply tossing the powder into the back of the throat, followed by a chaser.

Potential Benefits of Kratom 

Scientific researchers have discovered that kratom possesses pharmacological properties similar to opioids since it can promote pain relief and euphoria. These effects are thought to come from two specific phytochemicals naturally present in kratom: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine, specifically, is thought to be behind the more opioid-like effects. 

Interestingly, kratom users report both sedative and stimulant effects. Why? Researchers and kratom enthusiasts will both tell you that its results are dose-dependent

Taking smaller doses of kratom is more associated with stimulant properties, like drinking coffee or energy drinks. When taken in larger doses, kratom has a more sedative effect on humans and can even help relieve pain. 

According to the available research from both scientific literature and kratom users themselves, here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Energy boost
  • Stimulant without the crash
  • Mood elevation
  • Positive attitude
  • Pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Increased focus and clarity

Potential Side Effects of Kratom 

Taking a high-quality kratom product in low doses is unlikely to cause negative side effects. That said, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) lists the following potential side effects from kratom ingestion: nausea, constipation, vomiting, lethargy, appetite loss, and itching. 

In more extreme cases of addiction, the DEA claims kratom users have experienced insomnia, seizures, and even hallucinations. Some states have kratom tea banned along with other kratom products. 


Is kratom safe?

It’s important to note that the FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement, so no official governmental organization will tell you that kratom is safe. The FDA and DEA also claim that kratom has a propensity for misuse and addiction.

That said, taking kratom in low doses from a legit brand that tests all their products is not what’s causing kratom to get a bad name. Those who take too much or who use cheaper, inferior kratom imports are more likely to have a negative experience. 

Is kratom legal?

Kratom legality varies from state to state. Before you order kratom online, check to see where your state of residence stands on the subject. But don’t worry – no legit kratom brand would ever ship their products to a state where legality was in question. 

How much kratom should I take?

Kratom dosage varies from person to person and for which reason they’re taking kratom. Luckily, we have this kratom guide for healthcare practitioners that outlines the range of kratom dosages:

  • Average dose: 2.5 grams
  • Low dose (stimulant effects): 5 grams or less
  • High dose (pain-relief): 5-15 grams

Note that the available research suggests that negative side effects are more common in higher kratom doses, so act accordingly and proceed with caution. 

Kratom Tea: The New Ritual For Energy And Focus

With kratom tea, you can say goodbye to that icky feeling at the end of the afternoon from a morning filled with coffee or energy drinks. 

Instead, a low dose of kratom– as you get with kratom tea– will give you that burst of energy you need to conquer the day without the crash or the anxiety.

That’s why kratom is booming in popularity with wellness junkies, plant-based practitioners, and those who are looking for more natural remedies to solve their wellness issues. 

All the kratom teas on our list have been vetted for quality, safety, and efficacy, so introducing more plant-based goodness into your life is a great jump-off point. 

Enjoy this new kratom tea ritual in the morning and/or afternoon to rejuvenate inside and out. 

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