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Tastemakers – Bevardi’s Salute

Laszlo Bevardi - Chef & Owner of Bevardi’s Salute

Presented by Bevardi’s Salute November 7, 2023

Image: John Revisky

Tell us where the inspiration for your menu came from.

I am Hungarian with Sicilian heritage. My grandmother raised me. We did not have much but I loved helping her in our tiny kitchen. She taught me the value of fresh ingredients. Our backyard had a vegetable garden; we raised chickens, ducks, and rabbits; and we made wine and grappa from our grapes. My great-grandfather had a restaurant in Sicily, so it is in my blood. I was blessed to learn from great Chefs in Italy as well.

What makes your restaurant unique? 

Bevardi’s Salute can host large catered parties, up to 150 people on our outdoor patio. Our wine cellar and main dining room are available for events. Our signature dish is Branzino, sear it whole with the skin on, finish it in the oven, and filleted table side. Our house-made fresh pasta and sausage are one reason our customers say we offer a real Italian ambiance. I make my own Limoncello so, stop by for a taste!

How did you get your start in the culinary industry?

I wanted to go to Art College, but my grandma said that if I go to culinary school, I would never go hungry. After Culinary Schools in Hungary and Berlin and training on cruise ships, in the US, I worked every restaurant job: dishwasher, server, chef, and owner. I was able to pursue my love of the Culinary Arts and, in the end, Grandma was right!

In three sentences, explain your philosophy/approach to cooking.

As a father and restauranteur, my motto is “Never put food on a plate that I wouldn’t feed my own kids!” We, who work in the food industry, have a responsibility to teach and to pass on the value of real food to the next generation. I teach my daughters and would advise aspiring culinary students to respect food, to learn to grow your own food, to be environmentally conscious, and to buy from local farmers and fishermen.


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