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“Whimsical Palms” a Botanical experience hosted by 530 Burns Gallery

Opening Reception Friday April 7, 2023, from 6PM – 8PM

Presented by 530 Burns Gallery April 3, 2023

Marleen De Waele – Tropical Vibe – 48”x60”

Marleen De Waele comes all the way from the east coast of Florida. She is an impressionist painter that has honed her craft to depict Florida's natural surroundings. Her most recent pieces, which draw inspiration from Florida's many botanical gardens, present her unique interpretation of these themes with a splash of color. Her recent artwork is inspired by nature and fantastical sceneries. They are vibrant, sizable pieces. Each piece is bright and serene, and it provides a clear glimpse into the artist's mental state at the time it was painted. "My pieces begin in truth but end in a multidimensional fantasy", as Marleen likes to remark. Allow her painted illusions to take you to the garden where she drew inspiration from!

Marleen De Waele – Botanical Backdrop – 60”x48”

Gary Borse – Wekiva Chief – 36”x30”

Different perspectives of old Florida served as the inspiration for Gary Borse's latest series. He often thinks back on these memories before starting to paint. These motivational memoirs combine contemporary hues with a dash of expressionism to give readers a taste of Borse's perspective of Florida settings and the beauty that resides therein. He adds vibrant colors to typical landscape paintings to give them a pop that no other Floridian artist has managed to achieve. Borse became well-known throughout the Southeast of the country as a result of his unique perspective on these classic scenes.

Gary Borse – Afternoon Shower – 38”x42”

Kathe Fraga – Love Tapestry – 48”x36”

Paintings of Kathe Fraga are well renowned for their whimsy. She softens them with a glossy oil finish that frequently drips onto the sides, giving each distinctive piece depth and character. In 2017, the Japanese cosmetics business Clé de Peau Beauté hired Fraga to create a holiday collection called Nuit de Chine. Her reputation as a contemporary artist of the twenty-first century increased as a result of this much-acclaimed campaign. Japanese cherry blossoms and the natural world around them served as the inspiration for her most recent series. Any room will be transformed by Fraga's sculptures into a joyful space with a hint of calm.

Kathe Fraga – Floating on a Dream – 36”x48”

Show Details: “Whimsical Palms” featuring Marleen De Waele, Gary Borse & Kathe Fraga
Show Dates: April 7 – May 3

Opening Reception: Friday, April 7, from 6PM-8PM

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