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Experience the “Rolling Stones” of Mariachi Music Fused with a 72-piece Orchestra at NocheUnidos!

Musicians will be led by acclaimed conductor, Ismael Sandoval, a first-generation Mexican immigrant - all to support UnidosNow and Sarasota’s growing Latinx community.

Presented by Dreamlarge April 11, 2023

What do a symphony orchestra and a 52-year-old mariachi band have in common? Not much - other than their magical upcoming performance at UnidosNow’s April 28 NocheUnidos concert!

A “night of unity,” NocheUnidos is a visionary evening that fuses celebrated Old and New World music by combining the dynamic exuberance of traditional mariachi with the emotional power of a classical symphony. Together, these two music forms are crossing cultural boundaries for just one night - and all for the benefit of students and families at UnidosNow. 

Tickets for the event are on sale and can be purchased at Sarasota, Florida - Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.

What’s UnidosNow?

“The mission of UnidosNow is to help students achieve their American dream,” says Cintia Elenstar, Executive Director of UnidosNow. The high-impact organization has supported the Hispanic/Latinx community for over 10 years. It’s served over 3,000 low-income Hispanic/Latino students and their parents through elementary, middle, and high school-based programs and has assisted students in accessing over $10 million in post-secondary scholarships and educational grants - empowering hundreds of families annually on the path to achieving their American Dream.

After a successful inaugural concert in 2022, UnidosNow is bringing their second rendition of NocheUnidos - providing a platform to give back to the community while bringing people together through the beauty of music.

Living His American Dream: Ismael Sandoval

Perfectly marrying the classic sounds of a 72-piece orchestra against the suave harmonies and romping rhythms of a 52-year-old mariachi band is no small feat - the conductor for this year’s NocheUnidos performance, Ismael Sandoval, is up for the challenge.

As a first-generation immigrant himself, Ismael evokes a powerful metaphor for how the fusion of seemingly disparate sounds can not only be harmonious but can also create something new and beautiful.

Brought to the United States at the age of three, Chattanooga Orchestra conductor Ismael Sandoval knows how to hit the right notes to build bridges between communities.

Throughout his illustrious career, his passion for diversifying beyond the traditional canon and harmonizing with composers from different walks of life has led him to many opportunities - now including this unique engagement in Sarasota.

As he continues to play a significant role in shaping the East Coast orchestra scene, Sandoval shows why every person deserves to live out their own version of the "American Dream.”

Giving back to his community by bringing people together through the beauty of music has always been central to his rhythmically-driven ethos, which is why UnidosNow is honored to have him as the lead conductor for this year's NocheUnidos celebration.

Mariachi Cobre: The “Rolling Stones” of Mariachi Music

Mariachi Cobre, known as the “Rolling Stones” of Mariachi music, has been touring and introducing the world to mariachi music for the past 52 years. Discovered initially by Walt Disney, this award-winning group has performed with, among many others, the Boston Pops, Julio Iglesias, and Linda Ronstadt, as well as a vast number of symphonic orchestras around the world.

Founded back in 1971, the group has made waves in the performance scene for over five decades, bringing this iconic music genre, recognized by UNESCO on its list of intangible cultural patrimony, to stages all around the world.

And, when fused together alongside The Venice Symphony, a nationally-recognized orchestra deeply rooted in the community, the results are nothing short of magical.

All are invited, welcomed, and urged to see that magic for themselves. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased at VanWezel.org.

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