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Tidewell Foundation

Ensuring Access To World-Class Care.

Presented by Tidewell Foundation September 8, 2022

Mission: Brighten the lives of patients, families, and communities served by Tidewell Hospice and the not-for-profit affiliates of Empath Health by increasing funds, engagement, and advocacy to sustain and expand the exceptional programs and services offered.

About Us

  • The Tidewell Foundation profoundly impacts the community through grants to Tidewell Hospice, the only not-for-profit hospice serving Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties.
  • From hospice care to children’s grief counseling, from Veterans to music and pet therapy, we brighten lives in our community thanks to generous donor support.
  • Last year, the Tidewell Foundation and Tidewell Hospice provided nearly $2 million in care for hospice and palliative care patients unable to pay.
  • Tidewell Foundation grants totaling more than $2.5 million helped our region get the free grief support they needed in 2021.
  • Through generous donors, the Tidewell Foundation can expand these services while implementing new ones, such as grief centers that provide free support to the community.

Hospice care honors human dignity and personal choice of those with advanced illness in recognition that death is a human experience that deserves to be surrounded with love, attention, and care. 

Many in our community, however, cannot pay for hospice care. Some services aren’t covered through Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance. People may lose their insurance when they can no longer work.

Generous donors to Tidewell Foundation help ensure all who need the world-class care of Tidewell Hospice can receive it, regardless of their ability to pay. Together, Tidewell Foundation and Tidewell Hospice provided nearly $2 million in charity hospice care last year for patients and families in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties. 

Further, the Tidewell Foundation’s Humanitarian Fund provides critical one-time support such as a wheelchair ramp, rent payment, and even warm clothing at critical junctions in patient and family lives.

Each year, more patients need our help, and the cost to serve them grows. Donations ensure we can help our community’s most vulnerable when they need it most.

Tidewell Foundation
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