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Adela Sejdic, Owner/President, Blue Mimi Concierge & Lifestyle Management

“We Give You the Freedom to Thrive!”

Presented by Blue Mimi Concierge & Lifestyle Management June 23, 2022

Adela Sejdic, Owner/President

Mia Sejdic, Next-Generation Entrepreneur

 Blue Mimi Concierge & Lifestyle Management stands for our clients' freedom to focus on exactly what matters most to them. Each individual's priorities are as varied as the to-do lists and lifestyles that dominate their daily lives. 

This is where I come in—examining the exact needs of our clients and addressing their requests, expectations and tasks. Together we define how much support my team and I can offer, what will be expected from us and what freedom our customer expects through our services. It doesn't matter whether it's everyday errands, office organization, finding locations for various events or decorating houses—our team has a wide range of skills and experience. From here on, we take responsibility for the execution and success of the tasks assigned to us, and our clients can fully focus on their own priorities.  

Taking responsibility and serving as a role model for all women is a matter of my heart. With my company and my leadership role, I want to show how important it is to take responsibility for oneself, for society and for the generations to come. With my entrepreneurial approach, I want to show future generations of young women that success and ambition are not in conflict with ethics and morals. My aim is to demonstrate that they can achieve almost anything and that their imagination is the horizon that needs to be crossed. They have all the opportunities in the world and can strive higher than previous generations of entrepreneurs.   

My son Liam and my daughter Mia are my motivation and inspiration to get a little bit better every day. 


  • We are based in Sarasota and service the entire area from Tampa to Naples.  
  • We provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs of our clients - whether private or business. 
  • Our clients’ privacy is our top priority, and we treat all information as confidential. 
  • Mia is a 10-year-old globetrotter, honor roll student and competitive swimmer. She is just about to start her first own business. Be on the lookout for Bark for Bowls! 

(941) 228-0695