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530 Burns Gallery Presents “A Perfect Summer” June 3 – July 15

A Group Show featuring the newest pieces from their roster of acclaimed artists!

Presented by 530 Burns Gallery June 3, 2022

A Perfect Summer is a contemporary group show highlighting the blend of modern abstract pieces with traditional landscapes. This show is going to be rotated multiple times throughout the summer and will highlight new and existing works from our much-admired artists! Stop in every 6 weeks to see the latest installations, and some new works from emerging talent we’re bringing on to the team! 

Linda Richichi - Inviting Beach Path - 48" x 48"

Currently ranked one of the top Plein Air Painter’s in the country, Linda Richichi has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the art world. She mostly paints representational landscapes but adds a touch of impressionism through her use of color and imagination! Richichi has made a huge impact in the Sarasota art scene by teaching and encouraging other local artists. Her work has exhibited extensively around North America, including the prestigious National Arts Club in New York City. She is also a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, a current member of the Oil Painters of America, and a signature member of the NY, CA, and International Plein Air Painters. Richichi’s works have been featured numerous times in local and national magazines and recently won best Landscape from Plein Air Magazine in November 2021.

Linda Richichi - Sunrise on Celery Fields  - 9" x 12"

Inspired by Botanical Gardens throughout Florida, Marleen De Waele – De Bock has made her stamp in the Sarasota art scene. Having almost sold out her first ever exhibition with 530 Burns Gallery in March, Marleen quickly found a permanent home on our team of acclaimed artists. Her botanical scenes are colorful, large-scale pieces with lots of detail and depth. Each painting has a fresh, calm quality and offers an insightful look into the state of mind she was in while creating each piece. As Marleen likes to say, “My pieces start in reality but end in a multilayered fantasy.” Let her painted fantasies transport you to the Botanical scenes she imagined!

Marleen De Waele - Sunny Morning - 48" x 60"

Marleen De Waele - Vibe - 48" x 60"

By combining large and small disks to create beautiful wall art, 530 Burns Gallery has made a name in town for its glass installations. Their wall blossoms make the best way to fill a space due to the versatility, color, and various sizes they come in. Because each piece is sold individually, these wall installations are easy to modify and add on to. Blending traditional fine art with their glass blossoms gives a room depth and texture. They have worked with numerous local designers to create timeless, modern installations. Come into the gallery to see their latest glass masterpieces and talk with the team about designing a unique installation of your own!

530 Burns Gallery Custom Blue Glass Installation

530 Burns Gallery Custom Gray Glass Installation

  • Show Details: “A Perfect Summer” – a Group Show featuring the newest pieces from their roster of acclaimed artists!
  • Show Dates: June3 – July 15

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