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Taking Interior Design Personally

Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors provides insight into designing unique personalized spaces.

Presented by Sweet Sparkman Architecture & Interiors March 2, 2022

For Sweet Sparkman Architecture & Interiors, there are a few key words that drive every interior design project, according to Jerry Sparkman, AIA, NCARB, and a firm principal. Chief among them, he said, is “personal.”

“For me,” continued Sweet Sparkman Architecture & Interiors’ lead designer Eloise Abraham, “that means never, ever doing the same thing twice, always guided by the space, its surroundings, and, particularly, the personality and vision of those using it.” That, she said, is how the architectural team works, as well. “And that’s why every project we do has a completely different, unique look.”

Image: Ryan Gamma

Among current trends, she continued, is an upsweep in people looking for that difference, for instance, in the context of the multitude of condominiums coming on line and older units in need of an update. “These clients don’t want their home to look like everyone else’s” in terms of finishings and other usually limited options.” For them,” she explained, “we can offer a unique palette with a wider variety of choices to make it their own.”

With client demands, whether purchasing a luxury condominium or renovating a home to the highest standards, there’s also added impetus to the company’s interiors business. This notion depends on another of the firm’s guideposts, which is transparency, states Sparkman.

“As we all know,” Sparkman said, “there are supply chain and labor issues that must be addressed – and accepted.” This requires, he said, “good communications and the same sort of strong project management that we use on our architectural side.” That said, according to Sparkman, these issues also present opportunities for those planning a build in this area. “General contractors are ordering interior finishes and other elements earlier,” he explained, “instead of waiting later in the project, when what the client actually wanted could be out of stock.”

Overall, Abraham said, “it’s all about collaboration, helping clients create environments that reflect who they are and working closely with them to see they get the results they want.”

For clients who share their passion for sustainability and ecological balance, the pair noted, “we also integrate environmentally conscious materials and furnishings, whenever possible.”

“When working with clients both in architecture and interiors,” Sparkman said, “we never say, ‘Here’s what we’ve got. Which one do you want?’ and move on.” Ours is a collaborative process that marries disciplined process with creative ideas to deliver the unique and, of course, personal.”

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