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Trending: Multifunctional Spaces in the Home

Get the most use out of your space with innovative room-dividing techniques and creative space planning.

Presented by Trade Mark Interiors January 13, 2022

Open-plan homes that take advantage of distinct zones, repurposed furniture, and seamless indoor/outdoor transitions make for welcoming multifunctional spaces.

Gone are the days when the living room was only for entertaining and the kitchen only for cooking. Open-plan homes have been growing in popularity, but creating a functional and cohesive space with multiple purposes can be a challenge. Here, the interior design experts at Trade Mark Interiors share some tips on how to design more multifunctional spaces so you can get the best use out of your home.

  • Multipurpose furniture: Consider adding side tables that double as extra seating, hidden storage, and USB ports to instantly create a workspace, or hideaway tables for when you’re done with work and want to relax. Storage benches and chic bookshelves can be great ways to store things without looking cluttered.
  • Convertible guest room: A Murphy bed or wall bed can be a stylish way to turn a home office or bonus room into an additional guest room. You may also want to use a sofa daybed in a bonus room for lounging or guests.
  • Create distinct zones: Use furniture, rugs, and lighting to create zones in a room. When selecting furniture pieces, it’s important to see how it looks from all angles. A sofa may look good pushed up against a wall, but if used to divide a room make sure it looks nice from the back.
  • Indoor/outdoor areas: Living in sunny Sarasota means we can utilize our outdoor living spaces year-round. For rooms that open up to the outside, blur the lines a bit between the indoor and outdoor zones. Bring in greenery, and place similar style furniture outdoors to keep a nice flow from one zone to the other.
  • Repurposed furniture: Vintage or repurposed furniture is a popular choice, partially due to low and hard-to-get inventory for new furniture. But vintage furniture can also bring a more unique personalization to a home. The interior design team at Trade Mark Interiors loves incorporating clients’ vintage pieces into modern or contemporary spaces.

While we were all staying at home more, rooms naturally became more multifunctional, and this is a trend that is set to continue growing in popularity.

Trade Mark Interiors is an interior design firm with offices in Sarasota and Cleveland, specializing in new construction and luxury home remodels.

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