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Making wedding wish a reality.

Presented by Tidewell Foundation September 8, 2021

MISSION: To brighten the lives of patients, families, and residents of communities served by Tidewell Hospice and its affiliated companies by increasing awareness, funds, engagement, and advocacy to sustain and expand the exceptional programs and services offered.


  • The Tidewell Foundation profoundly impacts the community through grants to Tidewell Hospice, the only not-for-profit hospice serving Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties.
  • From hospice care to children’s grief counseling, from veterans to music and pet therapy, we brighten lives in our community thanks to generous donor support.
  • Last year, the Tidewell Foundation supported Tidewell Hospice with more than $2 million for charity hospice and palliative care to patients unable to pay.
  • Tidewell Foundation grants totaling more than $1 million helped 8,000 people in our region get the free grief support they needed in 2020.
  • Through generous donors, the Tidewell Foundation can expand these services while implementing new ones, such as workforce development programs to train hospice aides and nurses.

Making wedding wish a reality. 


Edgar had been battling cancer for close to a decade when he met Karina in January of 2020.

He was feeling strong, and he was a fighter: young and in love. Still, by December, he experienced a rapid decline in his health. No longer able to walk, he decided to enter Tidewell’s care. At Tidewell, although now homebound, he told his care team that he and Karina still dreamed about getting married. His social worker reached out to the Tidewell Foundation’s Wishes Fund for help making Edgar and Karina’s wedding dream a reality. The Tidewell Foundation prepared a special ceremony on New Year’s Eve, providing food, cake, and a notary. Tidewell music therapist Jasmine Ridge and wedding photographer Tara Tomlinson donated their services to memorialize this special day.

Edgar had the chance to see his dream of marriage come to life, all thanks to our generous donors. With donors’ support, the Tidewell Foundation broadens the definition of hospice care to ensure that our patients live rich, full lives. By working together to change one life at a time, we can lift the entire community.

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