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Make Your Home Work Smarter, Not Harder

These 5 great smart-home solutions will save you time and money while giving you peace of mind.

Presented by Vertical Design + Build September 3, 2021

Smart-home technology can help make any home feel sleek, modern, and efficient.

Asking your oven to heat itself up or having your refrigerator notify you when you’re running low on items used to be something we’d see in the movies. Smart-home technology solutions give homeowners convenience and efficiency like never before. Nowadays, almost everything in your home can be made “smart” with smart-home technology. Here are five ways you can easily upgrade your home, from the experts at Vertical | Design+Build:


Not only can energy-efficient LED bulbs save money, but smart bulbs can be controlled via your phone. Change the color, brightness, and timing of your lights easily with the swipe of a screen.


For your next party, easily control the music, lighting, TV, and temperature from a smart entertainment device.


Make your appliances safer, more convenient, and more efficient using smart-home technology. Some to consider are washer and dryer, refrigerator, and oven to start.


The peace of mind that smart-home tech can give you is amazing, particularly when traveling. Now you can put sensors on your windows, garage door, front door, entryway, and anywhere else you’d like.


Save water, go hands-free, and look good. Smart-home faucets are efficient, touchless, and beautifully designed. Some models can even be paired with Amazon Alexa or other similar devices.

Not sure where to start? Custom home builder Vertical | Design+Build recommends thinking through your day and identifying where smart-home technology could help you save time and headaches. When building a custom home or renovating your existing one, ask your home builder about what smart-home technology solutions they recommend for your needs and lifestyle.

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