MISSION: SMPC provides medical services, reproductive health education and support at no cost, empowering our community to make healthy life choices—physically, emotionally and spiritually—in a confidential and caring environment.

Since 2002, Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center has served at-risk and underserved women who find themselves in an unplanned or unprepared pregnancy. Donors provide the means for SMPC to offer cost-free medical and educational services, behavioral health counseling, and social services navigation for those women seeking help in a compassionate, nonjudgmental setting.

Expressing gratitude, SMPC client Alana shares, “I know money is important to people, but I’m so thankful for all that has been made available to me from Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center. It has saved my life and my baby. Donor gifts are not being wasted—their money is used to help people and to change the world for the better. One day I will share back and help others as they have done for me.”

Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center
1762 Hawthorne St., Suite 5, Sarasota, FL 34239
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