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Impact100 SRQ

Changing philanthropy in Sarasota and Manatee.

Presented by Impact100 SRQ September 8, 2021

MISSION: To empower women to collectively fund transformational grants to nonprofits in Sarasota and Manatee counties.

About Us

  • We are a women’s collective giving nonprofit organization that is 100 percent volunteer funded, run and operated.
  • We are diverse, dynamic and like-minded women uniting to award life-changing grants to worthy local nonprofits. And in doing so we are changing the philanthropic landscape in Sarasota and Manatee counties for future generations of donors and nonprofits.
  • Our model is simple: At least 100 women join, each donates $1,000 and 100 percent of their donations are awarded in grants of at least $100,000. Then, every November at the Annual Celebration, each member votes to select the year’s grant recipients.
  • Our members learn about unmet needs in our community and many have been moved to volunteer their time, talent or treasure to those nonprofits that don’t receive a grant. We call that the ripple effect of Impact100 SRQ!
  • In three short years Impact100 SRQ has broken numerous Global Impact100 records. In November 2021 our 404 members will vote to collectively give four grants of $101,000 to local nonprofits. Together, making a sustainable impact in our community, one transformational grant at a time.

Changing philanthropy in Sarasota and Manatee. 

As one of nearly 60 chapters worldwide, Impact100 SRQ joins our sister chapters in the local collective giving model. One-hundred percent of our members’ “stop-and-think” $1,000 annual donation strengthens the power of intentional giving and makes a sustainable difference in our community. By November 2021 (our third giving year), our chapter will have awarded $974,000 to local community nonprofits.

Uniting in collective giving to benefit local nonprofits has an extraordinary impact. Seeing organizations turn their dream initiatives into funded realities for the areas they serve has changed our community in ways we never even imagined.

The more women who join us each year, the more grants we can fund each year and the more nonprofits in our community we can impact. Every year our goal is to grow membership to 500-plus women as we “Strive to Fund All Five” focus areas. Impact100 SRQ welcomes all women in our community to join our mission by becoming a member of our chapter—or by giving the “Gift of Membership” through a donation to our scholarship program, which affords other women the opportunity to join. If we “EACH ONE – REACH ONE” we will make our goal. 

Impact100 SRQ
P.O. Box 49887, Sarasota, FL 34230