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Children’s Cancer Center

The Children’s Cancer Center was founded in 1974.

Presented by Children’s Cancer Center September 14, 2021

MISSION: Dedicated to serving children and their families who are battling pediatric cancer or chronic blood disorders with the emotional, financial and educational support necessary to cope with their life-threatening illness.

The Children’s Cancer Center was founded in 1974.

Mac and Cecile Burnett, whose daughter, Helen, passed away to leukemia, and Dr. Janifer M. Judisch envisioned an organization that would help alleviate the stress of coping with a child’s life-threatening disease.

The philosophy of our founders was when a child is diagnosed, the entire family is diagnosed. The Children’s Cancer Center has been serving families in the Sarasota area for over 45 years and recently began a satellite location in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. This will allow our families access to more of our regular programs and services.

While other organizations are working to find a cure tomorrow, the Children’s Cancer Center is committed to helping families cope today!

Children’s Cancer Center
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