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Transform Your Brain Health in 10 Days

Reversing memory loss is possible! A free video series explores how to keep your wits about you.

Presented by The Carroll Institute August 26, 2021

Dr. Garland Glenn of The Carroll Institute

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is controllable. Dr. Garland Glenn of The Carroll Institute focuses on brain health and specifically on reversing the symptoms of cognitive decline. He is peppered daily with questions on diet, genetic history, exercise, and best measures to take to keep memory loss at bay. But did you know that the earliest sign of cognitive decline isn’t even memory loss?

Click thru here to sign up for a 10-day master class on brain health and learn:

  • The four main causes of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline
  • The best exercises to save your brain
  • How diabetes accelerates cognitive decline
  • Common drugs that cause Alzheimer’s disease
  • What is “leaky brain?”
  • And more …

Dr. Glenn is one of only a few doctors certified in both Reversing Cognitive Decline (ReCODE 2.0) and Functional Neurology. The unique protocols he utilizes reflect the most up-to-date information and emerging research for restoring brain health.

If you or someone you know is struggling with cognitive decline, even in conjunction with an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, we can help. Call us today to schedule a Free Discovery Call with one of our certified brain health coaches for more information.


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