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Iconic Contemporary Furnisher B&B Italia Finds a Home in Sarasota

Downtown’s Soft Square is selected as the sole dealer in Florida of the exclusive European brand.

Presented by Soft Square By Sarafina Murphy-Gibson June 2, 2021

Are you searching for the perfect chic seat?

Soft Square, curators of contemporary and modern furnishings, are delighted to be adding B&B Italia to their portfolio. The Italian brand, longtime leaders in luxury home and contract design, has set industry standards in European markets for over half a century and is highly exclusive in choosing international partnerships. Sarasota is the only Florida location to showcase B&B Italia other than the manufacturer’s flagship store in Miami.

Founded in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia creates: “Solutions designed to meet the most diverse requirements of contemporary living. The perfect blend of innovation and design. An unmistakable style for timeless elegance.” From the sleek modern lines of the Michel Effe sofa to the curvaceous cup formed by the Up 50 armchair, each piece is crafted to catch the eye and complement various home interiors.

The Camaleonda sofa

Thanks to partnerships with designers from around the globe—Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni, and Antonio Citterio, to name a few—everyday items from beds to patio furnishings become akin to a work of art. The Grande Papilio armchair, for example, named for the butterfly hidden in its silhouette, is smoothly sculptural. Designer Naota Fukasawa says, “I wanted the chair to look naturally comfortable, to have the same shape that relaxation would have if it were represented by an image.” This authentic inspiration keeps collectors of the line coming back and has helped create several iconic pieces over the decades.

This spring, B&B Italia’s Camaleonda sofa—first imagined by Mario Bellini in 1970—took social media by storm. After being off the market for nearly 50 years, the signature statement piece suddenly appeared in celebrity homes, such as that of Mike D of the Beastie Boys, and in the middle of a Marc Jacobs pop-up store on Madison Avenue. Balancing a blocky shape with pillowy cushions, manufacturers use Bellini’s original pattern after updating the polyurethane padding. Each modular section, held together by a creative system of cables, hooks, and rings, can be arranged to suit the space and aesthetics of the owner.

Beyond offering classic styles and quality craftsmanship, the highly customizable nature of B&B Italia allows clients to personalize their living spaces. The bespoke pieces come in multiple sizes, and the contemporary design company carries a collection of exclusive coverings to choose from. There are supple leathers and upholstery textiles ranging from crisp, sophisticated palettes to bold, playful colors.

To experience B&B Italia, visit the Soft Square furniture showroom at 1506 Fruitville Rd, call 941-554-4068, or visit softsquare.com.

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