Anyone approaching 40 years old, with or without symptoms, who would like to improve their current state or ensure they can negotiate the next decade optimally should consider BHRT. Current literature, as well as my 20-plus years of providing HRT, suggest that bio identical hormones are beneficial and effective for everyday use, contrary to the negative impacts of synthetic hormones.

What benefits can be expected after starting BHRT and how soon might you see results manifested?
There are numerous benefits that can be expected in the short term and long term, which may be unique to the individual who is being treated. However, within the first few months of BHRT treatments, we generally see improved sleep quality, increased daily energy, cognitive improvement, weight loss when needed, better mood, and progress in metabolic markers. Long-term results may include improved bone density, cardiovascular disease prevention, less cognitive impairment, less reliance on medications, and smooth transitions through menopause and andropause.

Why are bio-identical hormones safe compared to synthetic hormones?
Potential risks and side effects of synthetic hormones, as per Women’s Health Initiative Study (2006), include the following: Increased risk of hormone sensitive cancer, blood clots, and heart disease. Studies have demonstrated improved mood, sleep, and energy, in addition to zero health risks, when switching to bio identical hormones from synthetic hormones.

“Anyone could benefit from evaluation at The Blend Institute, since our goal is to optimize all facets of everyday living.”

Who would best benefit from Dr. Blend’s Peak Performance and Behavioral Medicine programs at The Blend Institute?
Anyone could benefit from evaluation at The Blend Institute, since our goal is to optimize all facets of everyday living, whether it’s enhancing your performance in sports, your job, intellectual, or even relationships. Both the physical and mental aspects are evaluated beyond the traditional modalities, which often offer little regarding the above concerns. In addition, the latest research and treatments for cognition foster the optimization of hormones for prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease and other diseases of cognitive decline. Dr. Dale Bredesen’s Recode program is coming to The Blend Institute soon. 


Tim Blend, M.D., is the only physician in the state of Florida with these listed credentials. Dr. Blend’s family-owned medical practice, The Blend Institute, is conveniently located in the city of Bradenton, where he has provided hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging services for over 20 years.

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Double board-certified: Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine
  • Fellowship trained and certified: Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine


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