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Marie Eva Chaffin, Founder and Director, Seeds of Life Montessori Academy

Education. A safe, inclusive, engaging learning experience.

Presented by Seeds of Life Montessori Academy October 30, 2020

The concept of Seeds of Life Montessori Academy has been a lifelong passion for Maria Eva Chaffin, who was on the verge of introducing her inclusive, engaging learning environment to Sarasota when COVID-19 hit. With plans now to break ground in 2021, Chaffin and her team devised a way to deliver education safely and productively with Learning PODS (Parent Organized Day School). Designed for Suncoast-area children of all ages and abilities, Learning PODS significantly reduce the risks associated with traditional classrooms. Small groups of students have access to the best possible talent and a range of enhanced educational offerings, including gardening/farming, cultural studies by Montessori teachers around the world, art provided by a certified fine arts specialist, fitness and so much more. The result is a successful, growing model loved by students and parents alike. Enrollment is still open for this year. 


Seeds of Life Montessori Academy
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