Mission: “By engaging the public in creative experiences we are able to provide vital support for artists, filling critical financial gaps in artists’ needs and using it to build our community.”

  • Core Values of Halo Arts Project, Inc:  Founded in 2019, to embrace diversity and support a diverse range of visual artists.  We applaud innovation and challenges.
  • FELLOWSHIP AWARD PROGRAM: Halo Arts Project’s purpose is to make lasting contributions. We strive to maximize our charitable impact with Fellowship Awards to fund the work and advancement of locally talented emerging, mid-range and established visual artists. Funds are distributed in February of each year.
  • SUPPORT: Angels for Artists events help raise money to fund our Fellowship Awards. This year’s theme: COME TOGETHER 2020 – “Quite the year.”
  • WHY DO WE CARE? Because the arts are fundamental to our humanity and enable and inspire us, fostering creativity, goodness and beauty. The arts bring us joy, help us express our values and build bridges between cultures. The arts are also a fundamental component of a healthy community. 

Seventy-three percent of the population believes the arts are a “positive experience in a troubled world.”

Sixty-seven percent of Americans believe “the arts unify our communities regardless of age, race, and ethnicity.”

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Visit: haloartsproject.com  #halo_arts_project


Halo Arts Project
(941) 328-8052     
[email protected]


*Halo Arts Project is an IRS Section 501 C 3 registered tax exempt public charity.





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