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Dr. Bobban Subhadra, CEO & Founder, Biom Probiotics

Health. Microbiome-Optimized healthy probiotic supplements and feminine hygiene products.

Presented by Biom Probiotics October 30, 2020

Biom Probiotics is a minority-owned small business founded by Dr. Bobban Subhadra and Vijitha Viv. The mission is to assure healthy life and longevity for all by balancing a healthy microbiome that functionally optimizes body functions such as immunity, cognition and longevity. Biom Probiotics has developed products for gut health to brain functions to feminine hygiene. The company has also secured five U.S. patents and trademarks on microbiome-based technologies. “Our goal is to offer high-quality ‘true-to-label’ immunity, gut health and longevity-enhancing supplements that are freshly made to ship for next day delivery to all Floridians to maintain their health especially at these challenging times,” says Dr. Subhadra. He has recently teamed up physicians at University of Missouri and All India Institute of Medical Sciences for clinical testing of microbiome directed foods for autistic kids and Alzheimer’s patients.


Biom Probiotics
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