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Be The One to Bring About A Brighter Tomorrow

With charitable giving at its heart, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County is connecting people with causes, creating lasting opportunities and impact across generations.

Presented by Community Foundation of Sarasota County September 1, 2020

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County believes each one of us can be a philanthropist

Each one of us has the potential to impact a person, a cause, a community. For 40 years, this belief has empowered the Community Foundation of Sarasota County to build the community we all want to live in, one that inspires us to bridge differences—across age, race, gender, ethnicity, family, experience, perspective—and build transformative solutions.

Creating lasting impact across generations starts with all of us and grows donor by donor, cause by cause. As a community convener and connector, the Community Foundation represents our community’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations, connecting individuals and families with causes to create cycles of opportunity.

While we each hold a goal that is uniquely ours to pursue, the paths to reaching our greatest potential are common to us all: a helping hand during challenging times, an education that instills a lifetime of confidence, a sense of community. These are the pillars of our community impact philosophy that enhance the reach of our initiatives and unite community stakeholders in meaningful ways.

Community Care
Each of us cares for our community in a unique way. For the donors and nonprofit organizations who partner with our Community Foundation, it means being a resource during challenging times, with a mindset to listen to and learn about the needs affecting our region to create enduring solutions. Our Community Care programs include emergency needs and disaster relief, preventing homelessness, addressing health and hunger, providing care for animals and the environment, and placemaking through housing, transportation and economic support. Read Community Care Stories.

Empowerment and Success
While we each aspire to lead a successful life in our own way, the path to reaching our greatest potential is often found through education. Education breeds skills and, more importantly, confidence.  Upholding one’s self-worth and supporting their success are fundamental to our Community Foundation’s support of programs and initiatives surrounding Empowerment and Success: education, academic enrichment, career development and advancement, scholarships and mentoring, and lifelong connections. Read Empowerment and Success Stories.

Belonging and Culture 
Each of us identifies through our interests, experiences, and relationships. With a strong sense of belonging, we are inspired to create new things. Belonging and Culture is about building the community we all want to live in by ensuring every one of us feels like we can belong and thrive. This goes hand-in-hand with supporting organizations and programs that: strengthen families, bridge generations, unite the community, support cultural development and the arts, and build support and capacity for our nonprofit partners. Read Belonging and Culture Stories.

With the trust of our community, we have grown to be the largest community foundation in Florida, with more than $418 million in assets and upwards of 1,500 charitable funds that enable us to award millions of dollars in grants and scholarships to local students and families in collaboration with our nonprofit partners each year.

This same trust is guiding our efforts to build a brighter future for us all as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last several months, the Community Foundation has learned a great deal about ourselves, our community’s needs, and most of all, that we are capable of so much more by adapting and innovating together. As we’ve discovered, our recovery is only as strong as the tools, resources and voices that come together to create it, and listening and learning from these community voices remain critical to guide our continued philanthropic response and recovery.

In times of crisis, philanthropy can truly shine and be a beacon of hope for so many people and organizations. More than ever, each one us can Be The One to ensure our community remains healthy, resilient, and united as we chart our path to recovery.

As a community foundation, we exist first and foremost to serve our community as a trusted partner and inspire hope, especially in times of critical need. Each of us has a role to play in this recovery and together—one person, one cause, one community at a time—we can make a lasting difference. How will you Be The One?

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