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Leveling Up Your Home Office

Working from home got you down? For starters, stand up!

Presented by Copenhagen Imports August 11, 2020

The right home office furniture can blend seamlessly into your living space.

As many of us have been confined to working from home these past several months, I’m guessing most didn’t set up a real office area, in the hopes that it was only a temporary situation. I, for one, am still sitting at my kitchen table (next to a bowl of chips), because the lighting is good and makes me look most pleasant on my Zoom calls. But the time has come to consider a more permanent solution in creating a full-time office space at home, and that starts with the right desk.

The constant sitting has been driving me insane, and while I could go outside for a short walk to clear my head, it’s usually 98 degrees or raining when I’m ready for a quick escape. So I began to research stand-up desks.

I remembered a co-worker of mine getting one in the office because he had a bad back, and he’d rotate from standing, to sitting, to sitting on the exercise ball. I thought it a smart option, and I liked the design because they are sleek and unobtrusive, making it an easy add to my guest bedroom. Plus, with the adjustable heights, it would help incorporate some much-needed movement into my workday.

Adjustable stand-up desks are a great solution for home office needs.

In my search findings, I was amazed to see the studies that examined the health benefits associated with these desks. By merely adding short periods of standing into the daily routine, one can greatly reduce the risk factors associated with a sedentary work environment.

Since I’m a relatively healthy individual (minus the chip binges), I hadn’t really dwelled on what all this sitting might be doing to me in the long run. People who sit more than eight hours a day, however, dramatically increase their susceptibility to type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, and a host of other illnesses—including early death. That seems extreme, but I’m not one to question science.

Admittedly, I’ve been so focused on avoiding COVID that I forgot there were any other illness to worry about. But the research stands: adding in periods of verticality to your workday increases blood flow, boosts metabolism, and has even been shown to increase creativity and productivity.

If you’re ready to bring your office to the next level, here are a few stand-up options that can be found locally at Copenhagen Imports on South Tamiami Trail. Copenhagen Imports has beautifully designed pieces you typically can’t find at other retailers, and they will even shop virtually with you via appointment. Click here to start reimaging your home office!

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