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Bespoke Design, Impeccable Service

Blending the timeless with the unexpected, Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors creates exceptional living and working spaces.

Presented by Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors August 13, 2020

According to lead designer Eloise Abraham, Sweet Sparkman creates spaces "that serve as part of a cohesive environment, incorporating the building’s architecture, natural surroundings, and exterior.”

Interior design, at its heart, is a form of alchemy, a process that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. However, as processes go, it’s not a simple one, said Jerry Sparkman, AIA, NCARB, and a principal at Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors.

“There is a lot to be taken into consideration,” he explained, “which is why collaboration with clients is so important.” Fueled by a deep understanding of each client and their vision, Sparkman said, “we aim for a design that never ages, while pushing boundaries and incorporating new ideas, textures, and concepts.”

A former theater major, Abraham brings a sense of stagecraft to her design.

The architect is joined in this pursuit by Sweet Sparkman lead designer Eloise Abraham. Born and raised in England, Abraham is a former theater major who changed course, turning her love of stagecraft into a career in interior design for both residential and commercial spaces.

“In residential interior design, we create spaces that serve as part of a cohesive environment, incorporating the building’s architecture, natural surroundings, and exterior,” Abraham said. “The result is a fluid feel that heightens the unique qualities of each of its elements.” For clients who share Sweet Sparkman’s passion for sustainability and ecological balance, she continued, “we integrate environmentally conscious materials and furnishings, whenever possible.”

According to principal Jerry Sparkman, "form, function, and artistry come together" in the firm's work with clients.

In the interior design of commercial projects, Sparkman said, the goal is to add value with effective space planning that contributes to productivity. “The modern workplace must be comfortable and energizing,” he explained, “creating an atmosphere of purpose and activity. Both the design and its components should endure with quality, sustainable materials and a timeless elegance.”

“We take great joy in helping clients create environments that accurately reflect them and their own stories,” Abraham added. “That’s why we want to serve as more than just designers; rather, we like to be thought of as confidantes, who listen, learn, respond—and above all, care.”

Sparkman also pointed to the varied and international backgrounds of the team’s architects and designers, saying they bring fresh perspectives. “For us, each project is a clean slate,” he said, “a whiteboard on which form, function, and artistry come together to fulfill the client’s highest expectations. Our forward thinking challenges us to be ahead of styles and not dependent on trends.” It’s an approach, he added, that keeps the process interesting and exciting for all involved.

Sweet Sparkman principal Jerry Sparkman

“What’s been done before is never our first consideration,” Sparkman said. “That’s where the challenge lies—and the fun begins.”

To learn more, download the Sweet Sparkman Interiors capabilities overview here.

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