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Executive Spotlight: The Faces of Exceptional Assisted Living

Meet James W. Eyer, Jr. & Robert Bennett, co-founders of Angels Senior Living

Presented by Angels Senior Living May 11, 2020

James W. Eyer, Jr., CPA – Founder & CEO; Robert Bennett, MBA – Founder & COO

It’s not often two visionaries get a chance to meet, but when they do, the results can be extraordinary. James Eyer and Robert Bennett met over a decade ago, bringing together their unique skills and experiences in the health care industry to build Angels Senior Living, the largest privately held assisted living network in the Tampa Bay area.

After his tour of duty in the U.S. Army, Robert Bennett found his passion in caring for the elderly, a gift bestowed on him by his parents at a young age. Armed with newfound business knowledge and a wealth of experience carrying the torch at one of Tampa’s oldest retirement homes, he was ready for something greater.

James Eyer started his career in public accounting, quickly demonstrating an affinity for health care consulting that he would use to help transform health care entities both at home and abroad. After serving in executive positions with several well-known corporations, James wanted an opportunity to build a streamlined, comprehensive health care experience for seniors that worked for them.

Since opening in 2010, Angels Senior Living has grown to encompass 12 assisted living communities and over 30 companies, including our newest one right here in Sarasota. Angels Senior Living may be growing, but we haven’t lost our personal touch. No matter what our future holds, we will always be small enough to know you, large enough to serve you!

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