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The Face of Deep Designs

Olympus Pools.

Presented by Olympus Pools May 5, 2020

James Staten, President and Owner

James Staten isn’t your run-of-the-mill pool builder. In fact, you wouldn’t call him a pool builder at all. He’s a pool designer who happens to also build pools.

After 12 years of working for someone else, he decided to take the exams to get certified as a pool contractor. Within an hour of having his license, he used one of his designs and sold his first pool. And with that, Olympus Pools was born.

He decided to open his own business because he wanted to focus more on the customer, creating an experience that’s not only fun but more involved and intimate. 

Because to James, the back yard is a very personal thing. You have to listen to the homeowner, understand their feelings, distill that into a vision and with that you create a space together. In that space, there’s a pool.

James didn’t stop with designing pools. He’s designed an entire customer experience like none other in the pool industry. He’s incorporated a mix of technology and white-glove client service across his three showrooms, where customers participate in the design of their pool via an interactive experience with Oculus goggles. From there, homeowners get to touch and feel the materials before construction.

The result is Olympus Pools is one of the largest independent pool companies in the Southeast (building more than 500 pools a year). If you were to ask James what he would be doing if he weren’t designing and building pools, he’d say swimming in one. 

Olympus Pools
3115 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Suite 109, Bradenton, FL 34211 
(941) 413-1687