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Is Now a Good Time to Refinance? Advice from a Local Mortgage Agent

With mortgage rates at historic lows, it’s a good time to look at your options and find the right plan for you.

Presented by Nationwide Home Loans May 28, 2020

As interest rates continue to drop, now is a great time to speak to a trusted mortgage broker. Refinancing can help homeowners lower monthly expenses, receive cash for home improvements, and shorten the duration of their loan.

While banks are dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, PPP loans, and regular day-to-day business, their turn-around times and personal interaction can make refinancing tough on a borrower. At Nationwide Home Loans, CEO Justin Stolz says that understanding your current rate, the time left to pay off your loan, and your retirement goals all play a major factor in deciding the best path to take.

“We’re seeing a lot of opportunities for homeowners right now. Rates are at historic lows, suggesting that the average family could save thousands over the duration of their loan,” says Stolz. “Especially if your current rate is over 4.25%, please give us a call, and we can find out if refinancing—or another option—is a fit for you.”

Nationwide Home Loans is a mortgage and refinance broker, working with multiple lenders to find the best options and lowest rates, rather than limiting you to one lender’s products. You don’t have to refinance with the bank that has your current loan. 

The company is also more agile than the big banks, which can save you time and get you a great rate before it changes. The team will work to get you pre-approved in 24 hours and will get you through the refinance process in 30 days or less. The banks have been inundated with refinance applications, in addition to the other loan requests they’re receiving, and that could keep you waiting for months.

Experience, customer service, and a dedicated team of professionals set Sarasota Refi apart from the competition. We are very proud to say that we have 5 stars on Zillow. 

We’ll leave you with something you’ll probably be surprised by: We talk more people out of refinancing than we do into it. Not because we don’t want to help or give someone a better deal, but rather their current situation is better for them in the long term. Connect with Nationwide today to find out if refinancing is the best option for you.

For more information and to access the Sarasota-Manatee rates and mortgage calculator, click here.

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