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Why Partner with a Home Care Agency for Help in Caring for a Loved One

“McKenney provides the full continuum of care, from companion care through skilled nursing care.”

Presented by McKenney Home Care January 14, 2020

What are the signs that someone is ready for private home care?
If daily tasks are becoming overwhelming for your loved one, or they are feeling isolated and fearful of going out alone, they could be ready for home care. If you notice a decline in personal grooming, medication not being taken regularly or bills going unpaid, there could be more going on than others realize. Upon discharge from the hospital extra assistance might be needed. McKenney provides a free professional nursing assessment to help you understand your loved one’s status and their needs in the home.

Why do people use McKenney Home Care?
McKenney provides a unique model of private care. They are licensed, accredited, bonded and insured. All caregivers are W-2 employees and every case is assigned a nurse manager who oversees the clients’ status and supervises the caregivers. The nurse communicates with family, doctors or other interested parties. McKenney provides the full continuum of care, from companion care, including light housekeeping, meal prep and driving, to personal care such as dressing and bathing, through skilled nursing care, including medication management.

Isn’t private care expensive? How do I pay for it?
Private care is paid for by long-term care insurance or out of private funds. While the costs may seem high, it is a flexible way of getting the help you need. Private care can start with as few as three hours per week and can be increased incrementally with just as much care as you need, when you need it.

Michele McKenney, MPH, JD, and Patrice Magrath, JD, are sisters who started McKenney in 2013 in Naples, Florida. Michele has 30 years of experience at UPMC, retiring as a president of two of the system’s major divisions. Patrice has background in law and business; among other positions, she was CEO of the International Osteoporosis Foundation in Switzerland.


  • Licensed by ACHA and Accredited by ACHC and BBB.
  • Family owned, serving the Naples community for 7 years.
  • All caregivers are W-2 employees, insured and bonded.
  • World-renowned medical advisory board.
  • ACHA License # 299994901

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