“Gulf Coast blues” are best described as the range of colors that shine across the sky and into the water, glistening from the rays of the sun and illuminated by the light of the moon. If you’ve looked out at the Sarasota bayfront or lounged on Siesta Key Beach, you probably know exactly what we are talking about. You will see everything from azure, turquoise and cyan to sapphire, teal and “Classic Blue,” which was named Pantone’s color of the year for 2020.

Blue is a feel-good color, representing calmness and strength. It brings the feeling of a personal sanctuary into your home, and so is a highly sought-after color in art. Because blue is a primary color, it easily mixed with a multitude of other colors and can act as an accent or a main focus. Try mixing various shades of blue to create a symphony of the sea inside your home, to bring the outside in, to feel a little more immersed in nature.

We have selected some of our favorite works featuring Gulf Coast blues, all of which can all be found at 530 Burns Gallery, located in Sarasota’s historic Burns Court. 

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