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Former NFL Player and Riverview Graduate Finds New Passion Mentoring Local At-Risk Youth

Bradenton based nonprofit Replay Outreach is building a winning team.

Presented by Replay Outreach December 20, 2019

Replay Outreach welcomed a new team member who’s been making big impacts with Bradenton youth this past year. Former NFL player with the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders Vernon Kearney has always taken an interest in working with youth to encourage them to greatness and discover a better version of themselves. He’s now doing it full time with Replay Outreach to aid in the organization’s mission of guiding at-risk teens in discovering their direction, passion and purpose.

As a local standout from Sarasota’s Riverview High School and All-American football and track athlete at Lane College, he excelled over the years through consistent hard work and a dedication to excellence, skills he can effectively relay to the boys he’s mentoring. Larry Rose, president and founder of Replay Outreach, says Vernon’s “inspirational spirit and ability to communicate with all types of individuals from multiple backgrounds and life situations makes him a great leader for our youth.” He has a passionate desire to lead and inspire all youth, but especially those whom society seems to leave out.

Teens in underserved areas are unfortunately the ones who fall through the cracks. They find themselves without structure due to fractured families or misguided friendships, and are without positive role models to show them the techniques to overcome their circumstances. When kids are not excelling at academics, sports, music, or other activities they are susceptible to the downward spiral of truancy, crime, violence, and substance abuse. Without redirecting their negative behavior and gaining a purpose, they are highly vulnerable to falling into the cycle of crime and drug addiction.

Vernon meets them where they are, whether it be at school, clubs, church, or even court, to bring them not just guidance and direction, but hope for a better future. He trains them to see past their missteps and use those as the steps in building a purpose driven life.

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