For many of us, the holiday season holds many things. For some, the cooler months mean time away from the office in exotic locations. For others, it’s cozy nights by the fireplace and a favorite holiday movie on TV.

Perhaps this year, for you, is a holiday party time. The straws were drawn, and you were picked to host this year’s family gathering or office party. Just imagine: Family is flying in from around the country, in-laws are calling with requests, and your cousin just emailed you with a reminder of their daughter’s special dietary restrictions.

As you sit down and begin to map out Operation Perfect Party, the to-do list (and your stress level) quickly grows out of control:

  • What is an original theme that will set this year’s party apart?
  • How many hungry people will be there?
  • What are they going to eat?
  • How do you stage that old conference table or card table with charcuterie AND finger food?
  • What on earth is a “heavy hors d'oeuvre”?
  • What kind of drinks should you order?
  • Should you bring back that ‘80s cover band from last year?
  • How do you make sure that Uncle Chris and Cousin Suzy don’t get in another fistfight over that last appetizer?

Before you can pull up a Google search window, the panic hits.

How am I going to do all of this? 

Guess what? You can do this!

Stop the party planning panic, grab a drink, and actually enjoy the holiday season withPier 22 Special Events & Catering. With unmatched event expertise, the team at PIER 22 will take the stress of out your next holiday gathering or office party. Our distinguished team of culinary and catering experts will bring our renowned scratch kitchen to your table with a suite of services that will ensure that your next gathering is the event of the year.

With off-site catering services in Bradenton, Sarasota and the Tampa Bay Area, PIER 22 can meet you where you are—in your living room or the corporate boardroom!

Have a specific theme in mind? Bring your wildest dreams and watch the PIER 22 culinary team bring them to life! We will work closely with you to design a menu that fits your event’s unique schedule, needs, and - most importantly - budget!

The award-winning PIER 22 kitchen, led by Chef Greg Campbell (Best Chefs America 2013), combines fresh, seasonal ingredients with a unique, local taste that can only come from a team of true Sarasota foodies. We will anticipate your guests' tastes while meeting any special dietary needs and build a mouthwatering visual appeal that will keep guests coming back for seconds.

We know that a party is more than just food and drink. When you work with PIER 22, you will have access to a team of skilled event planners ready to help guide you through the elements that will take your party to the next level. Discover the freedom that comes from letting our experienced staff handle everything from wine selection, decorations, entertainment, to guest hospitality.

Don’t become a victim of stressful holiday hosting. Throw out that laundry list of party to-dos, take a deep breath, and call PIER 22 today! We can’t wait to help you become the holiday hero you are meant to be!
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