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Ask an Expert

To avoid expensive cabinet mistakes, ask the right questions first.

Presented by Billue Guignard, Owner/Chief Creative Officer, Metro Cabinet Company September 13, 2019

How do you know you’re getting a good product from a skilled and knowledgeable professional? All you have to do is ask.

By asking the right questions—and requiring straight answers—you can be sure your cabinets will meet your needs and your budget now, with no unpleasant surprises in the future. Additionally, your questions demonstrate your standards as a consumer, and can help to establish the qualifications of the person you’re dealing with. 

When shopping for someone to manage your cabinetry needs, here are the questions to ask. 

Where is it made?
Your supplier should know where your cabinets come from—not just where they were manufactured, but whether the wood itself is domestic or imported. If it’s imported, the country of origin makes a huge difference. You may think you’re getting a deal, only to find out too late that you paid for sub-par product. A quality cabinetry professional doesn’t just know where their products are from; they care. Indifference is a major red flag.

What is the type of construction of the cabinet?
Face-framed, inset or frameless (full-access)—do you know the difference? Your cabinetry professional should be well versed with every type of cabinet construction in order to help you find the form and function that best suits your space. The makeup of the cabinet box, the appearance of seams, and the location and visibility of the hinges are not just aesthetic issues; a cabinet’s construction factors into its convenience and its durability.

How much will it cost?
Yes, there are a lot of variables that go into the cost of your cabinets. Make sure each and every one is accounted for in your estimate. Cabinetry isn’t a one-size-fits-all project, and we’re not just buying premade, fixed-price cabinets off the shelf. Have your project manager add up all the factors from the get-go, and have them presented to you in a clear, straightforward total.

How do we work? Is there a design retainer? How do we get paid?
Likewise, discuss daily expectations and payment plans up front. Who will be doing the work and when? Are they employees or subcontractors, and how do their hours factor into your cost? Will you be away during construction or will the process unfold while you’re in residence?

Do I need a permit?
The parameters of a project will determine construction requirements. Your cabinetry professional should be familiar with local guidelines.

When will the work be fully completed? When will I have full access to my new cabinets?
As with cost, the time of a cabinetry project comes down to a number of factors, from order and delivery through installation. Each detail should be accounted for when estimating how long the project will take.

What makes you different from others?
Every seasoned professional should have a ready answer for this. Now that you’ve demonstrated that you’re an educated consumer, a cabinet expert should feel comfortable spelling out the details of what they do and why they’re special. 

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