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The Classic Wild Date Palm: Why Every Day’s a Trunk Show

ArtisTree Landscape invites you an exclusive showing of diamonds and classic style.

Presented by ArtisTree Landscape March 5, 2019

If palms could waltz down a fashion runway, we wouldn’t be surprised if all eyes focused on the sleek Wild Date Palm studded with diamonds. In fact, its diamond-cut trunk is what makes it seem so exclusive, so rich and so wonderfully Florida.

Also known as Phoenix sylvestris, the Wild Date gets its unique look from leaf scars, which, when “diamond cut” by a professional, exposes fresh stem wood that produces a handsome orange color (which fades slightly over time). Paired with gorgeous, silvery blue-green fronds curved into a spherical crown, it’s a top model in the palm world. 

The Wild Date is more than a pretty face. This hardy specimen tolerates wind, cold and drought (although it does better when regularly watered), and doesn’t mind spritzes of salt spray, either. Plant in well-drained soil and expect maybe a foot of growth each year. The Wild Date doesn’t like to be rushed. Ultimately, you’ll have a 40-foot beauty that’ll turn heads in almost any location that gets direct sunlight with room to grow -- the center of a circular drive, near a gate entrance or as the focal point of a wide garden bed. 

For a date that doesn’t require high maintenance, the Wild Date is one of the most attractive ones you can meet in single or multi-stem forms. Contact one of ArtisTree’s award-winning designers to learn more. 

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