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Allegiant Private Advisors Examines “The Devolution of Globalization”

A new white paper from a local financial advisory firm attempts to link a myriad of mega-trends and world events into a tapestry of potential outcomes.

Presented by Allegiant Private Advisors March 13, 2019

In the 1975 political thrilleR Three Days of the Condor, Robert Redford plays a CIA analyst working in a clandestine office where staff endlessly reads disparate books, newspapers, and magazines from around the world to discern trends, hidden meanings, and other useful information that might be buried in the noise. 

Allegiant Private Advisors’ newest white paper by Chief Operating Officer and Principal, Paul Cantor, CFA, AIF®, CFP®, is similarly an attempt to link a myriad of mega-trends and world events into a tapestry of potential outcomes, and the policies required to get there. 

Today, as we internalize multiple news sources, observe the state of the world, and wonder where we are going, it’s vital to take a step back and analyze the data to understand key trends and how we can affect them. At Allegiant Private Advisors, these topics are regularly examined and debated as the firm’s team—including three Chartered Financial Analysts and seven Certified Financial Planners™—carefully prepare economic outlooks to create unique portfolios and planning for each client.

“The Devolution of Globalization” white paper explores a broad section of world events.

“Specifically, why did Populist movements in France, Italy, England, and the U.S. make such dramatic strides in upsetting the global order? Why did Russia annex Crimea, and why are they actively engaged in creating a civil war in Ukraine?  Why has China created the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank? Why did the U.S. remove its aircraft carrier group from the Persian Gulf for the first time in decades? These questions are strongly interrelated, and they have a direct impact on global economics and market direction. While there is no way to state unequivocally which way the future will trend, exploring possible outcomes can serve as a directional checklist as the future unfolds, and thus merits conversation.”

The paper highlights significant world trends and discusses how we arrived at our current geopolitical and economic environment.

“The key trends today include the growth of globalization, aging demographics, the acceleration and adoption of technological change, and the effect of these factors on the world populace.”

“…Thus, we arrive at today’s world of Populist politics, a world in which the U.S. incites trade wars, becomes more confrontational and protectionist, and is less supportive of allies around the world.”

It examines likely Russian meddling in our elections, Chinese global ambitions, and European cohesiveness. It also outlines where these trends lead to, what policy measures are required to achieve positive outcomes, and some possible visions of the future.

“In a world with a weakened global order, other nations will step up and challenge the existing structure. Russia’s policy agenda is to weaken the West and increase its own sphere of influence.“

China too has global ambitions. Importantly, they have a political system and cultural long-term vision that may allow them to make strategic investments that outflank the shorter-term views of Western democracies and challenge the hegemony of the United States.”

Based in downtown Sarasota, Allegiant Private Advisors is a fully independent financial advisory firm with no ties to institutions or their investment products.

Allegiant Private Advisors clients enjoy the strength and stability of a committed team with long-term vision and deep expertise in all phases of their financial lives. Allegiant’s role as a fiduciary advisor means that clients’ best interests always take center stage. The comprehensive solutions they bring to the table are based on independent thinking, proprietary research, and a team approach that considers every angle – as evidenced by the firm’s newest publication: “The Devolution of Globalization.”

Click here to read the full white paper and browse more proprietary research published by the Allegiant Private Advisors team.

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