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Ringling College Improves Living in Sarasota, FL

If you’re looking to retire somewhere warm, you can’t beat living in Sarasota, FL. But if you love art and culture you will be wowed by what Ringling College has to offer for your pleasure.

Presented by Loeffler & Rooks Morris February 21, 2019

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing place to live—next to the Gulf of Mexico that comes with the best weather—consider Sarasota, FL. Among other things, Sarasota is home to one of the most prestigious art schools in the entire country. A claim that comes with a number of incredible perks.

3 Reasons Why Ringling College Improves Living in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota is regularly mentioned as one of the best cities for retirees in the entire country. While there are plenty of reasons for this, the Ringling College of Art and Design is one of the most impactful.

1. Ringling College Is the Preeminent Art School in the United States
Much like Sarasota, Ringling College is constantly recognized as one of the best art schools in the country, providing a prestigious art culture. Students from all over the U.S. and more than 60 different countries come to attend this college, but they are not the only ones. Celebrities like John Lithgow and Woody Harrelson have attended Ringling for film lab presentations, and Shaquille O’Neil made an appearance at the college’s Library Association for a public event. Furthermore, the school includes one of the oldest women’s art collectives in the entire country!

2. Ringling Continues to Expand
Ringling College has been consistently expanding its curriculum and campus. It now includes two new degrees in film and virtual reality, and added a post-production film building to meet the demands of its new film major. The recently completed Goldstein library—a creative space for students—is open 24/7. It is one of the most iconic buildings for new construction in Sarasota. A must see for all! Shortly after the opening of the library, the Basch Visual Arts Center was completed. A visual arts center is home to all the art sub-faculties, like painting, sculpture, photography and glass-blowing. The college also birthed the new Sarasota Art Museum, carving the best art gallery and museum exhibition space in the city.

With the college’s growing student enrollment, a new five-story residence hall is under strategic planning. It may come as a surprise, but Ringling students love on-campus life! It makes it easier for them to organize group study sessions, get to class on time, and work late on projects. Yup, students at Ringling are uniquely creative and respond well to a fully immersed study experience.  

What’s more, Ringling College places a great deal of emphasis on offering programs for local retirees. In fact, it offers “opportunities for learning about fine arts and liberal arts” to some 4,000 retirees through their community engagement programs. In short, Ringling College will continue to add to its campus and attract students from around the world who add to the unique art culture of Sarasota.

3. Art Students Shape Sarasota’s Unique Culture
Living close to Ringling College offers retirees an incredibly unique experience. Aside from guest speakers and art galleries, the college provides fertile ground for new businesses. This includes a new coffee shop and book store called  “Shelf Indulgence”, where students and retirees break up their day.

Would You Like to Learn More About Living in Sarasota, FL?
Living in Sarasota means beautiful weather and a unique environment centered around Ringling College of Art and Design, where residents are offered endless exposure to art installations and culture. But perhaps you are still unsure of your move. If you’d like to learn more about retiring here, Loeffler & Rooks Morris Group is here to answer all your questions and guide you through a smooth transition. Call us at: 941.308.6554

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