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Hostess Gifts from the Health Food Store

Each holiday season, most of us are invited to more than almost a dozen different parties.

Presented by Richard's Foodporium January 11, 2019

Hostess Gifts from the Health Food Store
Each holiday season, most of us are invited to more than almost a dozen different parties. And most of the time, it’s customary to bring a gift for the host or hostess as a way of showing your gratitude for having made the shortlist of guests. There have been too many times to count that I’ve been on my way to a party and realized I didn’t have a little something to give to the host or hostess. Shame on me! 

Fortunately, my local Richard’s is right around the corner, and there are several items that I can quickly grab for a no-effort gift.

Remember, your gift doesn’t have to be big, elaborate or expensive. A host gift is a little something to show your appreciation for being included, and your acknowledgment of the hard work of  putting an event together. When presenting the host with the gift, it’s best to send it ahead of time or give it to them as soon as you arrive.

Here are some things I’ve picked up last minute for hostess gifts in the past:

Essential Oils and Diffuser
This item is always a crowd pleaser. Everyone is always genuinely happy whenever I’ve gifted an essential oil and diffuser. Diffusers are great for making the room smell good, disinfecting the air and improving air quality, or working to boost your immune system. If you’re trying to induce a calming effect or fight a cold, diffusers are functional and fun. If a regular diffuser is too big an item, opt for a portable car diffuser instead.

Organic Wine and Bulk Snacks in Mason Jars
Wine is a cliché hostess gift, let’s not kid ourselves. It’s easy to grab at the last minute and feel like we are contributing something to the party. But why not try just a little harder? For starters, make the wine organic. That way you’re giving the gift of health from the get-go—wine without pesticides and herbicides, and no added sulfites. How thoughtful of you! Then go one step further and bring a nice glass mason jar filled with chocolate covered almonds, or the hosts’ favorite trail mix (like Spicy Siesta from Richard’s). This combo will show you put some effort into your last-minute gifting.

Jewelry won’t please everyone, but if the hostess appreciates nice things, a piece of jewelry will go a long way. Richard’s carries some Fair Trade bracelets and necklaces that are classy and eye-catching for any age. If you’re opting for something different and unique, then pick the essential oil aromatherapy necklace.

Salt Lamp
In my opinion, salt lamps are underrated. I love them for their illuminating glow, which sets a relaxing mood as it gets darker outside.

Richard’s carries a wide assortment of gifts, but one of my favorites is the musically tuned Woodstock windchimes. You can’t beat the small package and affordable price (under $25). Plus, the chimes make the most beautiful sounds! They’re the perfect gift for a hostess to hang outside, and they’ll think of your thoughtful gift anytime the wind blows.

Greeting and Gift Cards
When you’re not feeling creative, or you’re just strapped for time, there is always the last-minute gift card; just add in a greeting card with a sweet thank you message. A gift card to Richard’s is a gift of health and wellness—who wouldn’t love that?!

Now, take a deep breath and relax knowing that Richard’s has you covered for all your last-minute hostess gifts this season.

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