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The Circus Arts Conservatory

Cause: Human Services

Presented by The Circus Arts Conservatory March 5, 2018

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Organization: The Circus Arts Conservatory

2075 Bahia Vista Street, Sarasota, FL 34239, 941-355-9805

Cause: Human Services

Mission: Committed to raising the perception of the circus as the valuable art form it represents, The CAC is much more than a circus. We operate producing performances, events, youth training, and community outreach programs that serve children, the elderly and those in care facilities and schools.

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Our Core Service Lines Include:

Performance: Circus Sarasota presents circus productions annually that expand all creative barriers and bring the best in circus arts to southwest Florida. These professional performances have been acclaimed around the globe, whether showcased in a one-ring, European-style big top, the unique Sailor Circus arena or an intimate historic theater. CAC is a generous community partner with other organizations, donating in excess of 5,000 tickets to local non-profits annually.

Training:  Sailor Circus Academy is an after-school training program for students aged 8-18. Originating in 1949 as a small high school gymnastics class, Sailor Circus has grown into a spectacular program with more than one million spectators attending performances of “The Greatest “Little” Show on Earth”. Through this rigorous and athletic performing arts program, students develop life management skills, gain self-discipline and bolster confidence, all while learning the circus arts.

The Humor Therapy program brings joy, memory stimulation and entertainment into care facilities to improve the quality of life for everyone involved including those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors, patients, their families and staff all enjoy the talents of professional clowns and entertainers. The age-old art of clowning sets the stage for therapeutic interaction that reaches far beyond simple entertainment to foster meaningful relationships with those in need.

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CAC’s one-of-a-kind education program takes learning in the classroom to a new level.  Our teaching artists engage students in key academic subjects like Science, Language Arts and Theater. These inquiry based lessons are developed to comply with the new Florida State Standards. Since 2012, we have instructed more than 9,000 students in 25 elementary and middle schools. The CAC follows the Kennedy Center Arts Integration protocol because it is known that “when students learn through Arts Integration, they are engaged in experiences in which they actively build and demonstrate their understanding of both the art form and the other curriculum area.”

Legacy:  In November, 1927, John Ringling moved his circus headquarters Sarasota County, Florida - the circus train rolled into town as it would for the next 33 years, leading to the creation of the vibrant city that Sarasota is today.





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