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Your Guide for Choosing Diamond Studs

Find earrings to suit every taste and style.

Presented by Coffrin Jewelers May 16, 2017

If you are looking to purchase that perfect gift for someone special, consider a fabulous pair of diamond stud earrings. Diamonds are considered one of the best gifts and stud earrings are a classic and timeless piece of jewelry. There are many great choices and you can find earrings to suit every taste and style.


If her face is thin, a pair of round cut diamond studs with look best on her; if her face is broader in appearance then princess cut will complement her look. You’ll want to match up the right diamond to her face shape to give her the best look.

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The metal setting for the diamond should match her skin tone. White gold and platinum sets off a cool skin tone, while yellow gold looks great on a woman with a warm skin tone. Don’t settle for a cheap setting either- no diamond should be mounted on anything but a quality background

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Our three-prong prong martini settings will give your diamond earrings the best fit. Diamonds sit lower on the ear in the setting. They also have a more elegant appearance since there is less metal obstructing the top and sides of the stone.  Round brilliant diamonds are recommended for the three-prong setting.

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A four-prong basket setting, meanwhile has a longer center of gravity, which pulls the diamond toward the earlobe.  These settings sit flat against the ear and are recommended for emerald, princess and round diamonds.

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Our bezel settings are noted for their distinctive appearance, which features the diamond set with a groove then encircled by a metal band. The diamond is most secure in this setting and is less likely to fall out. The setting provides a striking showcase for the stone and is recommended for round diamonds.


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With the wide range of shapes and sizes available in diamond stud earrings, there's something to complement every face shape and color. Whether she wears them to lunch with friends, to a dressy cocktail party or to an elegant evening event, diamond stud earrings match the moment.


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