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Why does Experience Matter?

Hear from the medical experts at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center.

Presented by With Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center February 3, 2017

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What does a consultation at Sarasota Plastic Surgery entail?

The consultative process is interactive, where the doctor often spends an hour with new patients reviewing pre-and post-operative images on the computer and discussing patients’ desires. Using these communication tools, the doctor and patient can quickly find a shared perspective on surgical options. Following the consultation, patients feel confident about their choices.

“3-D imaging technology can show patients how breast implants will look with their physique.”

How do you use 3-D imaging to enhance breast surgery?Vectra 3-D breast and body imaging
has many applications that are used to bene t surgical patients. Patients have a choice in either round or anatomical breast implants, and 3-D imaging technology can show patients how these implants will look with their physique. It can also help them determine their ideal size and shape, which the technology can simulate beautifully.


Where do you perform your surgeries?With patient safety always paramount, most procedures are performed at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center. Patients are attended by a handpicked team of board-certified anesthesiologists. The on-site, state-licensed, federally-certified ambulatory surgery center will further reassure patients of the stringency of safety protocols. This puts patients
at ease and thereby optimizes the comfort of their surgical experience. The ambulatory surgery center offers privacy, continuity of care and experienced nursing staff, as well as cost savings
for patients. It is a private, safe and comfortable alternative to a busy hospital.

What sets SPSC apart?

Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center provides exceptional and natural surgical results using gold-standard procedures. The administrative and nursing staffs are dedicated solely to providing an exceptional experience in plastic surgery from your first phone call to your final post-operative appointment.


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Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center is home to world-renowned
Drs. Braun H. Graham, David L. Mobley, Scott J. Engel and Brian M. Derby. The physicians uphold a tradition of excellence in plastic surgery.

Sarasota Plastic Surgery center boasts a state-licensed, federally-certified ambulatory surgery center in an aesthetic- focused specialty facility. With more than 60 years of combined surgical experience, the surgeons are proudly known for their world-renowned, natural results.Contact

(941) 366-8897

2255 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239