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How do you Measure Quality in Health Care?

What does "quality in health care" really mean?

Presented by With Cheri Trinchetto, B.S.N, M.S.N. November 2, 2015

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Dr. Cheri Trinchetto

Quality is measured in so many ways. For instance, does every patient receive the same level of care for the same disease process? Are all programs available at all times? Is the physician performing the procedure qualified to do so? What are the outcomes? Is someone monitoring all of this? Most hospitals do monitor these factors, but not all facilities are transparent. I am very fortunate to work at Doctors, where we have such a strong focus on quality. We have an entire team that reviews all of these measures and more.  

What do you think of the various Internet sites that compare and rate health care facilities?

It can be very confusing. Each company may have different ways of gathering data. Some ask hospitals to self-report; others use sources like The Center for Medicare Services or CMS, which makes many different quality measures available to the public on a website called Hospital Compare. Some organizations like The Leapfrog Survey ask hospitals to voluntarily participate, retrieve data from CMS and then may audit the facility after it submits its data. The hospital must be willing to share the good and, sometimes, the not so good.

How do hospitals know what is best practice?

There are so many resources. Of course, there is current scientific literature and recommendations from organizations like American Heart Association, Professional Medical organization, Center for Disease Control, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, etc. At HCA, our corporate offices are constantly identifying new initiatives to make our patient outcomes some of the best in the country. And having 160-plus sister facilities to ask for ideas is invaluable.




Cheri Trinchetto is the vice president of quality and patient safety at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. She has worked at the facility since 2001. She is focused on improving the quality of health care delivered to the Sarasota community.





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