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How Do I Start an Exercise Routine?

I have several medical conditions. Is exercise safe for me? As long as you are cleared to exercise and are moving pain free, yes!

Presented by With Michael Brigger November 2, 2015

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Michael Brigger




I have several medical conditions. Is exercise safe for me?


As long as you are cleared to exercise and are moving pain free, yes! Begin with a proper assessment such as the functional movement screen, which measures your mobility, stability and any imbalances you may have. From there we can determine the best corrective exercises for you to focus on. These corrective exercises will keep you safe and pain-free as you prog­ress through your fitness program.





“Corrective exercises keep you safe and pain-free as you progress through your fitness program.”




Which exercises are easy on the joints?


I love to use bands to help assist with exer­cises. They help to correct movement pat­terns that have been restricted by other muscles doing jobs they weren’t intended to do. For example, most people can’t do a deep squat because of a restriction in the core (abdominals and low back), mobility in the hips, ankles or knees, or because it causes pain during knee flexion. By adding a resistance band behind the back, it acts as a stabilizer, allowing the person to go through the squat in a pain-free full range of motion.


I walk every day. Is that enough exercise?


Movement of any sort daily is great. We start to develop compensations, however, by the things we do repetitively. It’s important to make sure you incorporate a stretching and myofacial routine daily and a strength training program one to two times a week. This will help to strengthen the muscles around the joints and protect the joints.




Michael Brigger is the General Manager of Studio South Fitness. He is a top certified Personal Trainer through one of the leading programs in the industry, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Michael is also certified in Functional Movement Systems (FMS-L2)  and a Senior Fitness Specialist through NASM.






Michael has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the past 20 years. Originally a classically trained dancer, his dynamic approach can be transferred from the gym to daily life. He empowers his clients by changing their lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.


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