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Fit Tips for Your Wedding Day

Sarasota's Studio South Fitness shares four tips to help you get in shape for your wedding day.

Presented by By Lauren Chadwick-Sonnen May 29, 2015

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So much goes in to planning your wedding—and thankfully there are experts to help with each aspect, from the type of champagne you offer to how to design the perfect cake. Unfortunately, preparing for that special day often finds women on a crash diet or frantically hitting the gym because the most important person is missing from the equation: a personal trainer.


Whether you want to have toned arms, slim down for your perfect dress, look great on your wedding night or rock a bikini on your honeymoon, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals before you walk down the aisle.


Here are some guidelines on how to optimize your personal training experience.



    1. Know your goals and communicate. This will help your trainer develop a custom program for you.  Let your trainer know what you would like to achieve, your level of commitment and whether you will need an eating plan to complement your exercise program. Be sure your trainer knows how many times a week you’ll be working out independently between your personal training sessions.


    1. Give yourself plenty of time.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, so begin working with a trainer as soon you set a date for your wedding.  The more time you allow to reach your goal, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. It will also give your trainer the blueprint he or she needs to plan your workouts over the specified period of time and advance them as you improve and your deadline approaches.


    1. Don’t be afraid to move on.  If you’re not happy with your progress after working with your trainer, express your concerns. Selecting and working with a personal trainer is just that: personal. Sometimes you have different goals, or personalities that don’t mesh. Don’t be afraid to break up with your trainer if your needs aren’t being met.


    1. Keep within your budget. A wedding can be a huge financial burden and you might think you can’t afford to hire a personal trainer on top of all the other expenses. But investing in a personal trainer doesn’t have to break the bank. It isn’t necessary for him or her to be there every time you work out—it’s the expertise and support that will benefit you most. Having the trainer write you a program and show you how to perform the exercises properly gives you the ability to work out using their guidelines in between meeting with them. And be sure to meet with your trainer at least once a month so he or she can freshen up your training program and check your progress!


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