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3 Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

Three must-know tips for choosing the right personal trainer.

Presented by By Michael Brigger & Stephanie Olson, Studio South Fitness April 30, 2015

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As people become more conscious about their health, personal training has become one of the fastest-growing health-related fields, and for good reason: The right personal trainer can help hold you accountable so you can achieve all your fitness goals. However, the increased demand for personal trainers has resulted in so-called “experts” flooding the industry, and although licensure and registration bills have been proposed in several different states, the fact still remains that, at this time, anyone can claim to be a personal trainer even if he or she has no related education or prior experience.


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Those new to personal training often have no idea if their trainer is good or bad. All too often, personal trainers are selected based on their physical appearance or personality—but this can be a recipe for disaster. So to help you make a more informed decision, here are our top tips for choosing a personal trainer:



    1. Evaluate the trainer’s education and experience. A little research before you start can prevent painful and costly injuries later.


    1. Ask to interview the personal trainer. Request information about his or her qualifications and certifications; you could even ask to speak to some of the trainer’s other clients.


    1. Learn about the gym where your trainer works. A quality gym will insist on hiring well-qualified personal trainers.


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The whole point of working with a personal trainer is to improve your health not to risk injury. Your gym should take personal training seriously and demand the best from its trainers in order to help you achieve the maximum results.


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